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What Celebrities Teach us About Social Media Marketing

What Celebrities Teach us About Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing should be taken seriously as posts on social media contribute to the larger product/service aspect of the business and are a value-add.

How do you know what your customers and employees are talking about? Is there any other method which does not involve snooping instead ethically and analytically scans social media to know how much your enterprise is trending? How do you invest in such a strategy without spending huge amounts on manpower to analyze social media trends?

Well, you do it automatically.

Where the customers and what are they up to

One look at newsfeeds or Walls will give you a glimpse of how many businesses are being mentioned how many times. People talk about everything from their local nail salon to the supercar Bugatti Veyron. What customers and potential customers like are varied. But one thing is for sure: they will like and follow your feed as long as they trust your company and the products/services you provide.

The content your marketing team posts on social media contributes to the larger product/service aspect of your business and is a value-add. Your Facebook page is an extension of the company values and mission and should always be in the interest of the customers. Therefore, information about the company, offers, notifications of sales/discounts, viral videos, infographics, and relevant statuses make or break reputations. When your posts are great your followers will want to share it on their Walls.

Learn from the celebrities

Very few companies demand the respect and adoration that people reserve for their favorite celebrities. Under Steve Jobs, Apple was a celebrity and its customers and followers would wait with bated breath for images, updates, news, apps, and upgrades. Aim to achieve cult status, just like Apple once had. Additionally, learn from Apples mistakes that the fall from glory is short and not at all sweet.

Therefore, celebrities. Whatever they do receives a lot of coverage and the serious celebrities who promote charity causes, are kind to their fans and followers, and do overall good things are the ones most followed. APJ Abdul Kalam, Sachin Tendulkar, Arvind Kejriwal, Aamir Khan, AR Rehman, Dalai Lama, Nandan Nilekani, and numerous leaders and experts daily inspire their followers. Their tweets and posts are an extension of their persona, ideologies, and thoughts. They are promoting their brand and doing it quite successfully. They make sure the content they share is carefully measured, carries the right message, and does not offend or oversell. Those are also the key aspects of successful marketing.

A robust contact center solution like Social Interaction Manager helps organizations harness the power of social media by enabling them to keep a tab on what their customers and prospects are talking about. Solutions like this transform relevant social media engagements into result-oriented customer dialogues that promote a conducive environment for furthering sales. It enables smart routing of an issue to the right agent and works towards customer satisfaction.

So ask yourself: are you keeping yourself in your customers good books?

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