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What if Your Worst Customer Service Nightmares Were True?



The only thing worse than losing your employees after training them is not training them and keeping them. This is perhaps the most cliched statement you will ever come across said by any call center manager. Isn’t it? Yes, it is.

However, there’s little to blame them for. If you get a chance to grab a peek-a-boo, on what exactly happens in a call center and how reps actually think, while acting differently, you will have a better understanding of their daily struggles and frustration while giving you the best customer service.

No, we are not advocating their poor servicing skills, we are just talking about the other side of the story.

What happens after you hang-up, after being on an intense call with a rep for about 20 minutes? They really could not give you the solution you were expecting. So, you have been yelling and shouting and yapping away. Does that spark your curiosity index? It does, we suppose. So, here’s a little inside gossip, from our credible sources.

Now, imagine, what if your worst customer service nightmare were true? Not comforting right, here’s a little treat for you.

*Plug in your headphones. Play. Watch. ROFL.*

1. If they were honest, this is pretty much what they would say

No, we haven’t doctored this video. This is actually what most reps think in their heads but are ‘too kind’ to actually not say it. This gives us – the customers, a lesson that yelling or shouting is definitely not the solution.

2. If it were Star Wars time

If you are a star wars fan, you will love this video. This is how the customer care scenario would be if your lightsaber would actually stop working. Sometimes, all it takes is a little fix and some patience. Isn’t it?

3.  With a really bad accent? Ek? No!

There are some of us, who have been saying things in a particular manner, and thinking it is the right way. Pronunciations can vary for different languages. People with different nationalities will speak words in a different tone of voice or with a twisted accent. To hang-up the phone is certainly not the solution.

4. When who’s a who?

This is definitely not smart. This is a recipe for a disaster – when patience, humility and everything nice will elope you like somebody running for his life. Being nice can be tough, but it is under such circumstances that you will polish your skills and out-smart other reps.

5. And, we can sum it up with this mashup

This is a strict NO! No making your customers wait while you discuss thanksgiving recipes, or trolling them or putting them on hold to catch-up on some office gossip!

We hope these videos made you laugh. We also hope you don’t ever have to experience any of these.  If you have more such experiences to share, let us know in the comments section.



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