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What is Agile Customer Engagement Hub?


You are living in an era where customer has many choices. He/she is also driving how he/she would interact with the business (Choice of Channel, Frequency etc). This creates a very interesting problem for businesses. Customer Interaction Management or Contact Center as a practice is simply insufficient. Entire focus on interactions and Customer interaction related KPIs leads to a very artificial experience.

The methodology used in these KPI management systems focuses on a specific process (Customer Service more often than not) and businesses wait for problems to arise and customers to report them.
Customer Engagement is a set of practices that focuses on the complete Customer Journey and not one specific process or interaction. Today, this is the only way for businesses to differentiate themselves from competition.
A very interesting question is on the technologies that could lead to a Customer Engagement Hub. The two obvious choices are; CRM as they are supposed to be the System of Records or Customer Interaction Management / Contact Center Systems as they have all the interaction analytics, and Channel control.
More and more CRMs are offering Contact Center Technology features, and at the same time the Contact Center technologies are becoming CRM’s and Unified (Context Relevant) view of the System of Records.
The problem becomes more severe for Small and Medium (SMB Businesses). SMB also has Customer engagement hub needs, but can not afford systems and integration efforts that are involved.
The winning tecnology would be one leverage cloud and offers an easy path to use existing cloud CRM applications and build a front-end Customer Engagement hub, where all other systems of records would plugin.
At Ameyo Engage, our vision is to become an Engagement Hub across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service journeys, and we are focusing on integrating with leading players like hubspot, Leadsquared, Marketo for Marketing Intelligence; Salesforce, SugarCRM for CRM and Freshdesk, Zendesk for Customer Support.
We also intend to provide integration for verticals like ecommerce out of the box, with platforms like Demandware, Shopify, Magento etc.
We would be happy to engage with you to understand how we can plugin other systems to create an “Agile Customer Engagement Hub” for Medium sized businesses.
Happy Engaging!


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