Why Contact Centers should push for Stronger Customer Engagement [Infographic]

Why Contact Centers should push for Stronger Customer Engagement

Contact centers these days are facing numerous challenges as customers expectations are soaring every day. The prospects are going digital and engaging with companies on multiple channels. They are seeking for faster resolutions and if their needs aren’t being met they will stop doing business with a company and hop over a competitor. According to a research study, 76% of customers have stopped doing business with a company following a bad customer experience.

Even after being aware of the fact, companies are unable to keep pace with the contact center services and customer engagement. To win the customer’s confidence and loyalty, contact centers need to enhance their technologies and channels so as to boost first call resolutions and improve customer satisfaction.

The infographic by Ovum will help the contact centers to understand what mode of communication channels and resources they need to invest in for retaining their customers and keep up with their ever-changing preference.

Why Contact Centers Need to Urge for Stronger Customer Engagement

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