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Why Employee Engagement is Important?


Employee Engagement is vital

True employee engagement has tremendous value. In the current corporate scenario most businesses acknowledge that neglecting employee satisfaction is insidious for the organization. However, it is also true that most companies confuse employee satisfaction with employee engagement.

Prima Facie employee satisfaction measures how happy an employee is with his work environment. It’s a measure of, how happy they are within the work environment. For example: How happy are they with their coffee in the break room, the quality of food in the cafeteria etc.

Employee engagement, on the other hand, is a measure of how well employees understand what you need them to do and how willing they are to give discretionary effort to get it done.

In simple terms, employers will want employees who will do their best work and employees want jobs that will make them feel valued, respected and inspired. Every business and every workforce is different. For a small company, an outing with some team building activities might prove to be the ideal way to get the team motivated, working together and planning for the future. For larger companies a formal reward and recognition scheme could be essential to motivate staff but also showcase the great contribution colleagues make to the business.

Employee Engagement is vital. This is obvious given that engaged employees, by definition of being engaged are more productive and effective at delivering what is most important to your organization. Committed and enabled employees (meaning employees who know what you need, are ready to deliver it and have the tools they need for the job) deliver operating margins three times that of companies with disengaged employees, according to the Towers Watsons latest Global Workforce Study.

If you’re terrible to your employees, they’ll be terrible to your customers. Full stop. Need more reasons? What’s your take on employee engagement?


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