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Why the Travel Industry Is Adopting Click-to-Call (and Why You Should Too)


These days, all my holidays are booked with complete ease, in the comfort of my home. Well, sometimes my parents/friends scream at me to click various links on a website, but the overall experience still is comfortable. All travel websites have numerous options to choose from. My favourite options though are: Click to call a dedicated team of hotel staff use our free and easy Click to Call etc.

The Past Is Past
Till a couple of years ago, I remember my parents taking the decisions for our vacation 4-5 months before the actual vacation. The train tickets themselves had to be booked three months in advance and they could not be cancelled. So they put great thought into the plans and maximized each and every penny. If they had an expert to guide them, imagine how stress-free those vacations would have been.

Why You Need Click-to-Call
There is a lot of difference in the e-commerce of travel and retail industries. Some of the factors are cost, decision time, customer’s knowledge of the products and services, and service and information provided to the customer. Travel is a well thought-out and carefully planned exercise because people invest a lot of time and money thinking about their vacations. Most people have one grand vacation each year and they want to make it worthwhile. While clothes can be bought anytime of the year, vacations cannot be.

This is the reason why Click-to-Call is a boon for the travel industry. Future-Ready Contact Center Software used by many prominent travel agencies have made it easier for customers to weigh the options they have and search for the best option that fits their pockets. The travel industry uses Click-to-Call in their trip/holiday package booking, international flight bookings, and even hotel booking. Successful agent-customer interactions result in lead generation.

As Easy As It Is User-Friendly
Click-to-Call consists of placing a button on a webpage to allow the user to be called back for free immediately. So far, the feedback from the travel industry is good and the feature has increased conversion rates as web visitors are getting connected free of cost. Additionally, the adoption of this service is extremely simple and rapid, and the business benefits are plenty and last for the long term.

Customers are finding it extremely easy and convenient to book their travels with the additional guidance of the agent at the other end of the phone. Click-to-Call thus, is the crucial link that lets the travel business start customer service before the holiday has even began!

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