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Why There is No Escape from Listening to your Customers [Infographic]

From time immemorial, word of mouth has been a core customer engagement factor when it comes to product consideration and purchase. The more sure people are about a product, the more are they inclined to go for its purchase. The idea of being sure about a brand or product largely depends upon the trust factor, and that trust is derived from a reliable source.
There are times when one of our friend or near ones purchase a product and are all perked up about it because as per them the product was worth purchasing. Having heard about the benefits of a product or getting a recommendation for purchasing it from a friend, who being the reliable source of information,  we are likely to purchase it.
This concept of word of mouth marketing is crucial when it comes to customer service. A satisfied customer may bring in 10 more new value additions and the same is likely to result in positive impression of a service .However the same can also result in a disaster, if the customer is dissatisfied. He may not prefer the service again but will also spread a negative word of mouth to 10 of other prospects which might result in loss of clientele.

The below infographic by Workstar shows various statistics that will help you to better understand the power of your customer opinions and how you can successfully use it for earning loyal customers.





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