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Automate Outbound Dialing to Increase Call Connects , have more Calls per Agent and witness High Customer Conversions with dialer software

Understanding Call Center Dialers

What is a Call Center Dialer?

A call dialer is an application that automates the process of dialing numbers in a call center. Unlike manual dialing, it automatically dials the phone numbers pertaining to a selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents. Once a call is answered, the call center dialer also known as an outbound dialer connects the customer to either an IVR or to a live call center representative, thereby increasing call connect ratio and agent talk time.
Research has shown that a dialer can increase call center agent talk time by 300%.
A right dialer software for the call center is much more than just an automatic dialing solution, as it brings intelligence and analytical insights to the outbound calling process to enhance call center efficiency and improve agent productivity.

Why does a Business need Call Center Dialers?

Call centers are not just for providing reactive customer service but are also increasingly used for generating revenue for the business. Outbound call centers include various operations like-

Lead Generation

Phone is still the most widely used channel for sales development and companies use cold calling as a strategy to generate leads in both, B2B and B2C scenarios. The more the number of prospects being reached, the higher the lead generation rate.

Inbound Lead Conversion

In today’s digital times, businesses are exploring various digital channels as well to generate leads, and these web leads are then reached out via phone for further qualification, nurturing, and closure. Lead response time is a crucial factor in determining the lead conversion rate.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

An integrated outbound dialer allows the agent to have contextual conversations as all the relevant customer data is available using CTI and CRM integration. At the same time, the agents can update customer details in real-time and the same will be pushed to the CRM. Thus, providing the reps with an opportunity to modify their sales pitch to increase sales conversions.

Promotions and Surveys

Every business needs to promote their offerings to existing and prospective customers for better Sales. And also for improving their products and services, they need feedback from their customer base. A robust call center dialer helps to reach out to a vast customer base efficiently and quickly.
A right dialer software for the call center is much more than just an automatic dialing solution, as it brings intelligence and analytical insights to the outbound calling process to enhance call center efficiency and improve agent productivity.
To overcome these constraints, call center dialers are installed for automating the dialing process to accelerate operational efficiency by increasing talk time per hour.

Types of Call Center Dialers

Predictive Dialer

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an outbound dialer system that automatically dials numbers from a contact list and as soon as the call connects, the call dialer routes them to an available agent to take the interaction forward. Predictive dialer saves agents time by screening busy signals, voicemails, unanswered calls, and disconnected numbers. As the name suggests, predictive dialer has an inbuilt algorithm to predict when the next call should be placed, as it analyzes when agents will be free to take the next call based on historical call-pattern and then dial numbers on the agent’s behalf.

How Predictive Dialing Works?

Predictive dialing employs a dialing engine based on an algorithm that kicks off automatic outbound calls for a specific campaign in the background for call center agents before connecting the live calls to the agents.
  • Predictive dialing engine starts dialing numbers for a list of contacts in specific campaigns.
  • Dialing algorithm based on various factors like average call length, nature of calls, time of day and agent availability adjusts outbound dialing rate in real-time.
  • The call center manager can also tune the various dialing algorithm parameters for a customized call pacing rate depending upon the requirement.
  • All the answered calls are routed to agents and the remaining are again automatically scheduled for retry at a later interval.

Why Call Centers Need a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialers are routinely used call center processes like telemarketing, market research, debt collection, and customer service follow-ups. In addition, some outbound call centers also use predictive dialers for lead qualification to maximize the amount of time they can spend on the phone with prospects during outbound sales prospecting.

Benefits of Predictive Dialing


High Call-Connect Ratio

Predictive dialer bars all deterrents like busy signals, voicemails, unanswered calls, etc. and results in more connected calls.

Cut Down Agent Idle Time

When the agents are freed up from dialing the numbers manually and waiting for the calls to be connected every single time, they spend more time talking on the call.

Manage Multiple Campaigns

By automating the dialing process, the ability of a call center to handle more call volume increases variably and multiple campaigns can be managed simultaneously.

Increase Productivity

With reduced idle time and increased agent talk time operational efficiency and productivity of a call center increases manifold.

Progressive Dialer

What is a Progressive Dialer?

The progressive dialer also known as power dialer is a type of call center dialer where the agent is already active on the line before a call is dialed. The agent initiates the calling session and when a call is connected, he answers the call. Since the agent is already live in this dialing scenario, there is no need for routing the calls. In case of progressive dialing, there is hardly any possibility of call abandonment unlike predictive dialer as the call dialer dials one number at a time and agent is always available on the line to answer the connected calls.

How Progressive Dialing Works?

In the progressive dialing mode, the dialer dials a pre-selected list of numbers in sequential order, one after the other with a live agent already available on the line.
  • In progressive dialing scenario, call center agents have complete control over the dialing process and activate the dialing session as per the requirement for the selected list.
  • The progressive dialer, dials the numbers one at a time and in case a number is busy or gets disconnected, it immediately dials the next contact number on the list.
  • Sequential dialing and active agent availability lead to rule out call abandonment possibilities.
  • Connected calls are answered by the agents without any pauses or delays and the call dialer stops dialing the next number from the list until the agent wraps up the call.

Why Call Centers Need a Progressive Dialer?

Progressive dialers work better for call centers with less number of agents working on a high-quality leads. It is highly productive for B2B organizations working on higher value leads that require outbound agents to apply their sales outreach skills to navigate through gatekeepers to talk to the right party contact.

Benefits of Progressive Dialing


Minimize Abandonment Rate

In progressive dialing, there is no need for transferring calls to the agents. Once the call gets connected, there is no pause or delay in starting the conversation by the live agent.

Increase Conversion Ratio

With a progressive dialer in action, an agent has more control over the calling process, and single dedicated lines and agents lead to more call connects with better call quality and personalized outreach.

Increase Efficiency

Progressive dialers minimizes manual dialing errors and bypass busy numbers, dropped calls, and bad numbers without wasting agent time.

Boost Agent productivity

A single-line progressive dialer can dial approximately 75-80 calls per hour. Against manual dialing, it dials over 200% more prospects per hour.

Predictive Dialer vs Progressive Dialer

Parameter Predictive Dialer Progressive Dialer
Business Type Mostly used for B2C calling processes Mostly used for B2B calling processes
Ease of Use It is a complex outbound dialer as it requires to set a dialing algorithm and intelligent routing to make it a success It is easy to use and gives a complete control to the agent. No call routing is needed as the agent is available before the call connects
Call Frequency It simultaneously dials multiple calls via different lines depending on average call time and number of agents The number of calls depends on the call receiving capability of the agents
Quality of Connection High call abandonment rate Minimum call abandonment rate

Preview Dialer

What is a Preview Dialer?

Preview dialer is the type of an outbound dialer that empowers the agents by giving them a quick information update about the next contact which allows them to prepare before placing the call. As a result, this call center dialer connects the agent first before connecting the call to the customer. Secondly, a preview dialer allows calling flexibility to the agent by providing the option to skip any contact from the list and move to the next contact. This call center dialer is ideal to meet the challenges of the complex sales process that need higher quality sales touch-points.

How does Preview Dialing Work?

Preview dialing is the most convenient and easy to use outbound dialing mode. This contact center dialer automatically proposes the next call to be dialed based on campaign settings and provides the agent an opportunity to prepare before placing the call along with the option to skip and go to the next contact.
  • An outbound campaign is initiated and the screen popup showing contact information is displayed on the agent screen.
  • The agent can preview and decide to accept or reject the call. Either the agent clicks the call button to call the customer, or the number auto dials after the pre-defined the ‘auto-dial time-out’.
  • Once an agent wraps up the current call, the next call request is routed to the agent screen

Why Call Centers Need a Preview Dialer?

Preview dialer is the best fit for call centers with complex sales process which require pre-research for calls to increase the conversion ratio. Mostly complex B2B inside sales processes with high value prefer preview dialing mode.

Benefits of Preview Dialer


Personalized Customer Interaction

Previewing customer details before dialing the contact number helps the agent to drive context-based personalized conversations.

More Focussed Calling

The contact center agents have more control over the dialing process as they are given the option to view the contact before dialing to decide whether to accept or skip the call.

Suitable for High-Value Leads

Preview dialer works best for calls in which the revenue per call is very high and the customer requirement is highly customized.

Better Connection Quality

With preview dialer, call drop ratio is highly minimized and leads are not lost due to abandonment.

Benefits of Implementing a Dialer Software

Outbound contact center teams engaged in manual dialing usually end up having approximately 10-15 minutes of agent talk time per hour as their major time is wasted in unproductive tasks like manually dialing the contact numbers and disposing of calls, coming across busy tones, answering machines, and disconnected calls. An outbound dialer for call center is operationally and commercially viable for a call center as it boosts the agent productivity by 200-300% by reducing idle time and proportionately increasing the talk time per hour.

High Operational Efficiency

Implementing an outbound dialing software means No More Manual Dialing. Thus, eliminating the various call center deterrents like misdialing, excessive wait time, and call drops, affecting the operational efficiency. Automating the dialing process ensures only answered calls are routed to the agents, as a call center dialers can detect the busy signals, voicemails, and non-serviceable numbers, thereby increasing the call connect ratio remarkably. More connected calls result in higher agent productivity and increased operational efficiency.

Significant Wait Time Reduction

With manual dialing, the agent idle time is on a higher side as agents are bound to wait longer for calls to connect. For every call, an agent wastes time in listening to busy tones, answering machines, and facing disconnected calls. The dialer technology enables the dialer software for call center to recognize these elements and skip the call if any of these time-wasting blockers are identified. The automatic call center dialer ensures only answered calls are routed to the agents. This helps to save the agent time and allows them to attend more calls per hour.

More Agent Talk Time

One of the most crucial benefits of a dialer system is the significant increase in agent talk time as compared to a manual dialing scenario. When the unnecessary idle time is eliminated and the call connects go up, agents spend more time talking to the prospects and customers on call. Agent talk time will increase invariably from around 15-20 minutes per hour to 40-50 minutes per hour. This will eventually result in better customer engagement and high agent morale and productivity.

Better Conversion Ratio

When a call center dialer system is implemented for complex sales process involving high-value leads, it brings agility to the outbound calling process. Outbound dialers that provide the quick preview of contact details before dialing the call, help agent to prepare before a call is connected. Also, with prior information at the agent’s disposal, he/she can drive a personalized conversation, which helps to engage the prospect and increases the chances of lead conversion significantly.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Call center dialer software helps to give real-time insights into call center operations and agent activities through customizable dashboards. Real-time dashboards and reports improve the decision-making ability of both, call center manager and agents by identifying the problems at the earliest. Call recordings also help managers to monitor agents’ performance and ensure call quality. Dashboards help to track and measure key call center metrics on a daily basis for higher operational efficiency.

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How To Choose The Right Dialer Software for Call Center?

Before investing in a dialer system to improve the dialing process in your contact center, it is critical to understand which type of call center dialer is the right fit for your business. Each business is unique and has different requirements and constraints. Therefore, you must evaluate your business requirement on the basis of the following factors before putting in money in any call center dialing system.

Size of Contact Center

Size of a contact center is a major deciding factor for deciding the type of call center dialer for the business. For large to mid-size call centers with more number of agents and exhaustive contact lists for multiple campaigns, a better option would be a predictive dialer to reach out to contacts faster. Since predictive dialer helps in reducing agent idle time it is a preferred choice to improve efficiency. For a small call center with few dedicated agents and limited resources, a progressive dialer would be a better choice as the agent would be available the whole time to answer connected calls.

Outbound Calling Process to be Automated

Determine which call center process needs to be automated. Whether you want your agents to generate leads through outbound dialing or you want your agents to nurture and close leads in the specific time frame. As different type of dialer software for outbound call center needs to be implemented for each of these processes. For instance, in the case of high volume calling like initial level lead qualification, a predictive or power dialer is best suited. Alternatively, for low call volume processes like following up on warm sales leads for closure or high attention process like collections, a preview dialer would be suitable to provide a context to agents.

Type of Target Customers or Prospects

Call center dialer software should be selected keeping in mind the type of customers a business caters. For example, predictive dialers should not be used for high-value prospects as they require highly personalized outreach. Usually, for B2B organizations, a sophisticated sales approach is required to get past the gatekeepers, and going for a progressive dialer would be a good choice. Also, high value and high detail prospects should only be called via preview dialer to take them through the sales funnel backed by context driven conversations.

What are the Lead Sources

If a company is investing huge amounts for generating leads from the web or events then it needs to ensure that no lead is wasted. Such leads should either be called via progressive dialer where a dedicated agent is always available to answer connected calls and handle the prospects in a personalized manner. The second scenario, where leads with the longer sales cycles and high returns are involved should be handled through a preview dialer.

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How Ameyo's Dialer Improves Call Center Efficiency?

Ameyo call center dialer technology includes voice recording, quality monitoring, reporting, answering machine detection, multiple campaign, and lead management. It is designed to increase your outbound contact center productivity by completely automating the dialing processes.

Key Features of Ameyo's Call Center Dialer Software

Click to Dial

With the click-to-dial functionality, agents can dial all those contacts whose details already exist in the CRM without manually punching the number in the dialer. This eliminates any instances of error and improves the efficiency as agents can dial out more numbers at a given time.

Parallel Predictive Dialing (PPD)

PPD is designed to execute targeted outbound campaigns. It works well where each segment needs predefined call management parameters to deliver a personalized dialing campaign. PPD consolidates diverse dialing campaigns based on process requirement while doing parallel prediction.

Schedule Call Back

This feature allows agents to schedule a call back that is verbally agreed upon by the caller and the customer during an earlier interaction. The feature can be customized and the dialer gives the flexibility to connect designated agents for selected calls.
Pro-active Connect Enhancer (PACE)

Pro-active Connect Enhancer (PACE)

PACE brings intelligence to the process and helps in defining contact strategy by profiling customers and tracking past interactions to achieve positive call connects and reduce the nuisance of unanswered calls. PACE is also called the successor to the predictive dialer.

Multi-campaign Management

Ameyo call center dialer helps businesses run multiple calling processes simultaneously in the form of campaigns. With Ameyo you can create, modify, and delete campaigns easily from a single unified window. Agents can also manage campaigns for exclusions, like implementing DNC for voice processes only in specific campaigns.

Agent Performance Dashboard

Supervisors have access to individual agent performance dashboards. From this, the supervisor can check call status and other key performance metrics. Real-time dashboards lead to monitoring agent productivity for high efficiency.
Ameyo Dialer along with the additional call center features like IVR, ACD, and CTI, among other key functionalities help contact centers in optimizing operations and costs. Ameyo call center software helps organizations to redefine their business and deliver impeccable customer experience.

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Sankar Rao A.
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Ameyo software is being used as a CTI for Ola customer and partner support. The software has met the expectation of Ola and we were able to extend it to meet Ola's unique requirements.
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Shivam M.Sr Network Engineer
Our connectivity increased with retry time and campaign settings.Working with AMEYO has a great experience mostly in terms of Customer support on any issues identified. Ameyo is economical. Its flexibility with interating different CRM and it will keep stable.
Ehab M.
Ehab M.Head of Electronic Banking
Easy to use and customize application with excellent support team
Mitesh S.
Mitesh S.System Support Engineer
I like this software because of the capability to handle large numbers of call flows. I like the efficiency of this software like how it works and gave us the option to supervise the agents activity on a real time basis and the proper reports which helps alot to conclude many things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call center dialer help in making outbound calling efficient by automatically dialing the numbers from a lead list and improving call connect rate using features like bulk dial, answering machine detection (AMD). This enables agent to directly connect to an end user and not waste time on answering machines
The most important Call Center Dialer features are as follows:
Filter-Based Calling: Set specific rules such as geography, target group etc. before initiating calling to achieve targeted goals and results.
– Dial Time Restriction: With this feature, user can put a restriction on auto dialing for a specific time zone.
– Retry Time Setting: Set retry time for calls that were met with a busy tone, disconnection, failure, and network error.
– Answering Machine Detection: Let the Call centre dialer transfer only those calls to the agent that are answered by a human.
– DNC Management: Add unwanted contacts to do not call lists to avoid irate customers.
Ameyo’s outbound Call Center Solution comes with inbuilt dialer features. To setup a dialer you will need a lead list to fetch leads to a dialer. This can be done manually or via an API. Now you can choose from different dial algorithms and dial the lead list as per ascending/descending order, based on priority /weight-age and even based on Agent assignment.
Some of the most commonly used call center dialer are as follows:
1. Predictive Dialer – Flexible bulk dialing
2. Progressive Dialer – Sequential dialing
3. Preview Dialer – Dial important prospects with prior user information available before a call is connected