Parallel Predictive Dialer

Enable Targeted and Skill-Based Outbound Campaigns

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    Simplify Customer-Specific Dialing

    Parallel Predictive Dialing (PPD) is a type of autodialer and a customer-oriented dialing mode that granulates the outbound dialing strategy to achieve a more targeted campaign. PPD is ideal for organizations that have a diverse set of customers and for a personalized dialing campaign, each customer segment requires pre-defined call management parameters. Parallel Predictive Dialing simplifies the pain of multiple campaign management by consolidating the diverse dialing campaigns based on the process requirements while doing parallel prediction for each.


    Enhance Agent Skill Management

    Contact centers face challenges related to the multiple-skill requirements for target customer segments and to manage an effective contact process, they create several campaigns resulting in a tedious management process for each. Parallel Predictive Dialing implements skills-based dialing simultaneously across multiple campaigns while considering their respective process requirements. PPD focuses on matching the customer’s requirement from each campaign parallelly with the agent skill proficiency and predicted availability to process a specific contact call.


    Increase Productivity with Resource Optimization

    Resource management is a major issue in an outbound contact center and managing multiple campaigns separately requires dedicated resources leading to high costs and low productivity due to idle resources. Parallel Predictive Dialer allows to set up customized dialing parameters specific to different campaigns parallelly, addressing a diverse set of customers based on the call volume and the average call handling time to minimize the agent idle time. This helps to optimize the conversion rate, leading to more productivity and better efficiency.

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