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Pro-active Connect Enhancer (PACE)

Add Intelligence to Outbound Dialing for Better Lead Selection and Higher Productivity


Implement Intelligent Contact Strategy

Depending upon the user behavior, customers can be categorized into groups. These groups are defined as the Customer States. For every state, a dialing priority can be assigned. Based on that, a customer belonging to a state with higher dialing priority has more chances to be dialed out first.



Select Leads Smartly for Better Conversion

Use advanced dialing rules, wherein the order of dialing customers can further be controlled by applying custom disposition and call parameters. This ensures that the right customers are dialed first. The priority-based calling system promotes the overall efficiency of the call center.

Contextual Interactions

Maximize Customer Connects

The Call Around Time (CAT) feature allows the setting of re-dial time. When agents call a number and the system disposition was detected “busy”, and the CAT is set at 2 hours, the system will autodial the number again after two hours. This ensures higher call connects and results in more agent talk time.

Never Call Customers at Wrong Time

Never Call Customers at Wrong Time

Not Call Before (NCB) feature enables the agent to call customers only at a specific time of the day which is preferred by the customer. PACE determines this on the basis of previous interaction history, and the system will throw the call to the specific customer only after a specific time period has passed.

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Smart Contact Strategy Parameters

PACE functions on four parameters to implement intelligent dialing strategy

Customer Persona-based Routing

Customer State

Categorize customers into groups to set dialing priorities


Streamline Workflows with Automation Rules

Pacing Rules

Define conditions and triggering events for dialing


More Agent Talk Time

Call Around Time

Set the auto call redial time for the selected dispositions



Not Call Before

Specify not to call a contact before the stipulated time frame


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