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Ameyo Workforce Management

    Serve Customers Better by Optimizing your Team’s Performance

    Ameyo Workforce Management

    Our customer-centric Workforce Management tool improves the performance and quality of the entire workforce, helping businesses to align their business processes around their operational and strategic goals. It is a comprehensive suite for all contact centers to automate workforce management resulting in better utilization of resources to deliver a great customer experience and  driving down the cost by eliminating operational inefficiencies at the same time.

    Ameyo provides the supervisors with tailored dashboards to have a clear view of their contact center KPIs leading to better workforce scheduling & forecasting in order to deliver highest level of customer service. Our quality management capabilities continuously evaluates the performance of agents and ensures service quality standards are adhered. 

    Key Features

    • Accurately forecast call volumes depending on the demand and the time of year and create agent schedules accordingly.
    • Produce optimal and cost-effective shift schedules that meet target service levels.
    • Multi-channel contact center support for providing an excellent service.
    • Captures and analyses customer interactions through advanced voice and screen recording facilities. 

    Ameyo Workforce Management is available both for cloud or on-premise deployment, depending on your business requirements. Through a web-based process, managers, supervisors or agents can have access to all the product features from any location.


    Voice Logger is an important tool for recording interactions between contact center agents, supervisors, and managers on one hand and prospects, leads, or customers on the other to be scanned later for useful quality and performance data. A voice logger is an integral part of any communication system since it enables you to eliminate potential threats to the credibility of your brand and your values by identifying and rectifying loopholes such as false claims by the customer or inefficient customer handling by the agent.
    Screen Recording tool is aimed at enhancing agent’s efficiency and drive customer satisfaction. This tool automates the agent evaluation process and enables managers/supervisors to monitor agent’s performance by creating a depository of the content of agent’s desktop screen during the call. This qualitative data is further analysed for specific skill-based trainings for individual agents.