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What is Cloud Auto Dialer Software?

A cloud auto dialer is an outbound dialing software that dials out leads automatically, hosting the dialing process on the cloud. Cloud-based auto dialer helps businesses maximize their productivity, reduce cost pressure, and yield better results simultaneously. Virtual auto dialer offers a feature-rich solution that is highly scalable and flexible. 

A cloud-based auto dialer solution intelligently dials out the numbers based on predefined rules, ensuring that maximum calls are dialed out in a stipulated time. Business verticals like BFSIs, EdTechs, Healthcare, Debt Collection, E-commerce, etc., use cloud auto dialer to reach a maximum number of customers/prospects.

Powerful Cloud Dialers

Features of Cloud-based Auto Dialer Software

Lead Management
Lead Prioritization
Lead Filtration
DNC:DND List Filtering
DNC/DND Management
CRM Integration
Call Reporting & Dashboards
Outbound Reports & Dashboards
Real-time Call Monitoring
Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Call Recording
Best Time to Call
Not Call Before
Answering Machine Detection

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What makes Cloud Auto Dialer a Rewarding Choice?

Sure Shot Benefits of Cloud-based Auto Dialer

Eliminates Manual Dialing

Eliminates Manual Dialing

Let your agents spend more time talking to the customers than manually dialing the numbers. A cloud auto dialer eliminates the need for manual dialing and increases the connect rates with its smart dialing algorithm.

Boost Agents’ Efficiency

Boost Agents’ Efficiency

Filter the calls using answering machine detection (AMD) to save agents’ time and only connect the calls that are answered by a human. Skip the responses like busy tone, call disconnected, call not answered, and answered by a machine, efficiently.


Increases ROI

A cloud auto dialing system needs a lower setup cost to enable smooth implementation. It also significantly increases the connect rates and conversion rates, making it a revenue generator for businesses.


More Sales, More Collections

Accelerate sales & collections by automating the dialing process. Cloud auto dialer lets you make more calls in less time; hence the conversion rate increases with an increase in talk time per day.


Efficient Lead Management

Intimating the supervisor when the lead list reaches its threshold allows them to make well-informed decisions. Let them plan the outbound calling activity by applying various rules to filter and manage the lead lists.

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Types of Cloud-based Auto Dialers

Automatic Call Dialer to Improve Call Connect Rates

Preview Dialer

Know the customer before connecting. Preview dialer allows the agent to get quick access to customer’s information before the call is dialed out. This helps the agents qualify the leads by customizing their scripts for each unique customer.

A preview dialer is highly recommended for high quality leads as it allows the agents to have a more context-driven interaction with the customers. In the preview dialer, the agent gets an option to accept or reject the call basis the customer’s information.



Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is the most productive algorithm for the agents. Predictive dialers use historical statistics and intelligence to calculate agent availability. Thus, based on past trends, the solution will know precisely how many dialing attempts and how much time is required to reach a live contact.

A call is transferred to an agent only when it becomes live, thus avoiding the call drop and answering machine detection. A predictive dialer is ideal when you have to dial out to a large number of the contacts list.



Progressive Dialer

It works similarly to the Predictive mode, except that dialing only begins once an agent becomes available. The number of calls dialed is equal to the number of available agents. The most significant advantage of a progressive or power dialer is that the agent is connected first. Therefore, no silent calls are thrown to the customer/prospect. A progressive dialer makes an ideal case for small businesses with fewer outbound agents.


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The implementation scale was huge with lot of complexity. It was a major task for us to comply with security requirements and other business requirements. The project team worked effortlessly, satisfying all the requirements.
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Kingsley Bennett

CEO Metro Edge Technologies

Ameyo's Remote Contact Center Solution has helped us increase our productivity by 60%. It is a very effective solution that helps our agents work remotely with ease.
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Mukund Kulashekaran

SVP of Business Urban Company

During COVID-19 transition, Ameyo's team worked to solve all technical problems and ensured that we continue to provide high-quality support to our customers and service partners. They are a business partner in every sense.
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Head of Customer Lifecycle Management Spice Money

Ameyo helped Spice Money remote contact center agents reach 100% productivity in two week’s time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud-based auto dialer software helps increase the connect rates and improves agents’ efficiency by saving the manual dial time. It’s a feature-rich, highly scalable & flexible solution for outbound calling.


Cloud auto dialer helps in improving contact center performance by helping increase connect rates and sales. It automatically detects the best time to call the customer based on historical data, ensuring that the maximum number of calls is answered.


Yes, you can integrate a cloud-based auto dialer with an in-house or third-party CRM application.


Following are the benefits of a cloud-based autodialer:

  • Improving agents’ productivity
  • Maximizes ROI
  • Increases connect rates
  • Eliminates the need for manual dialing
  • Helps convert more leads efficiently
  • Watermark