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Cloud Call Center Software

Get Ameyo’s Enterprise Grade Cloud Contact Center Software with Minimal Setup Time, Flexible Deployment options and achieve Industry Compliance!

What is Cloud Call Center Software?

A cloud call center software is hosted over the internet which takes minimum  time to deploy and involves minimal upfront capital. Businesses use Cloud contact center solutions to reduce hardware setup overheads, minimize installation time, and to ensure uninterrupted customer support through a variety of voice and digital channels.

Why Choose Ameyo Cloud Call Center Software?


Minimal Setup Time

Enhance your remote contact center operations with instantaneous set up, low maintenance, and cost efficient cloud contact center solution. Enable informed business decisions with more control and visibility into operations.


Compliant and Secure

Ameyo is committed to protecting your customer data and information. To ensure enterprise-grade security, we follow the standards and best practices defined by International Security Frameworks such as PCI-DSS. This ensures a secure way to process customer information.


APIs and SDKs

Seamlessly integrate Ameyo’s cloud based contact center solution with your business website, mobile app, as well as internal systems. Ameyo offers APIs and SDKs for businesses to integrate and enhance their call center operations.

Ameyo’s Solution For Cloud Contact Center

Choose Your Deployment

Private Cloud

Create Dedicated Instances

Move your contact center operations to Private Cloud, make your dedicated instances and witness great flexibility and scalability. Ameyo’s enterprise-ready cloud call center software is inherently reliable, scalable and secure. The cloud architecture is so designed to help you stay agile and manage your contact center with a single click.


Public Cloud

Cost-Effective Solution

Ameyo’s Public Cloud offering is based on advanced cloud call center technology. It allows near-unlimited scalability and lets you scale up or down your cloud capacity with immense ease. Deliver uninterrupted customer service with high-end security with no involvement of IT teams.

Hybrid Cloud

The Best of Both Clouds

Hybrid Cloud call center software allows you to take complete advantage of Ameyo’s innovative and robust multi-tenant public cloud call center solution while adhering to enterprise-grade security and IT requirements through the private cloud contact center.


Looking for Cloud Deployment of your choice?

Ameyo Cloud Contact Center Software

A Complete Solution

Serve Customer Through Voice Calls

Empower your inbound and outbound call center operations with unmatched call quality, intelligent routing, and advanced voice features. Witness a dramatically improved CSAT with Ameyo Cloud Call Center Software.

Customer Preferred Digital Channels02

Customer Preferred Digital Channels

Enable hassle-free customer support with digital channels- Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WebChat, and In-App Mobile Chat. Provide seamless customer service across customer preferred digital channels with omni-channel cloud contact center solutions.

Real-Time User Management

Manage your agents in a single click with Ameyo’s Cloud Call Center Software. Transfer agents from one queue to another, in real time. Track uninterrupted performance even while shifting agents to different queues.

Real-Time User Management03
Real-Time Monitoring03

Real-Time Monitoring

Empower real-time monitoring and supervision and keep track of every call and every agent. Ameyo offers unremitting monitoring and analytics capabilities with its cloud call center solutions.

Call Recording

Record your calls, store them in the Voice Logger and analyze the call data to deliver enhanced customer experience. Ameyo Voice Logger is a compliant recording solution that stores customer interactions per the standard regulations.

Call Recording

Enterprise CRM Integration

Power-up your call and quality management with Ameyo cloud  Call Center Software integrated with enterprise-grade CRMs. Ensure effective call quality with CTI popup appearing on screen with necessary customer information.

Workflow Automation

Ensure improved agent productivity with workflow automation. Define your business-specific rules to save measurable time of your agents. Businesses choose Ameyo cloud based contact center solutions to improve their overall efficiency.

Workflow Automation


See how Spice Money Improved its remote contact center agents productivity in two weeks' time

Key Highlights of Ameyo Call Center Software


Effectively route calls to the right department based on caller input

Make outbound calling easy with an automated dialing system


Auto distribute your calls  to the best-suited agent via routing


Easy access to all the customer information for better conversion

Ensure high call quality by monitoring real-time calls
Get better visibility and hold on every metric that matters

Call Recording

Recording every call and use these recordings to score your agents

Improve the overall productivity  with automated workflows 

A Glimpse Into Differentiated

Cloud Call Center Software Features


Ensure secure voice calls with web-based telephony system, WebRTC. It is platform and device independent and gives you immense flexibility to integrate with any enterprise-grade CRM and existing hardware. With no hardware telephony setup requirements, you are set to go with just a headphone!

Integrated Knowledge Base02

Integrated Knowledge Base

Resolve customer queries faster and efficiently with integrated knowledgebase. Provide your agents with easy access to customer information and help them save their time. Populate the necessary information, frequently asked questions, and informational articles to serve queries better.

Powered-Up with AI

Ameyo’s cloud contact center solution is backed-up with AI to help your agents to analyze and understand your customers’ intent. AI-based sentiment analysis capability ensures enhanced and efficient customer service and helps businesses to improve their overall CSAT rate.

On call assistance01

Agent Assist Capabilities

At times customer queries can be difficult for an agent to resolve and it requires agent assist capabilities in your cloud based contact center solution. Ameyo cloud call center solution offers advanced team collaboration features for an agent to interact with other agents as well as with supervisors.

Business Specific Reporting

With Ameyo’s cloud call center software, you can customize performance reports. These reports show call details and agent performance based on various business-specific metrics. You can define your own metrics that you want to include in the reports.

Business Specific Reporting01
Drag and Drop Customization

Drag and Drop Customization

Customization and rule configuration is simple and hassle-free with Ameyo’s cloud contact center solution. You just need to drag and drop certain elements to create automated workflows and customizable IVRs.

Ready to build your Cloud Contact Center?

Ameyo Cloud Call Center Technology

Sureshot Business Outcomes


Improved Agent Productivity

Improve your agents’ productivity with customer service tools like Unified Agent Desktop, Integrated Knowledge Base, Team Collaboration Capabilities, and AI-Powered Customer Insights.


Increased Lead-Conversion Rate

Ameyo call center software empowers you to improve your lead-conversion rate dramatically with better hold on customer insights and auto dialers- Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Progressive Dialer.


Enhanced Monitoring and Analytics

Monitor every aspect of your call center operations with Ameyo’s advanced monitoring and analytics tools. Get enhanced visibility on every metric that matters and enables you to improvise your strategy.


Assured Business Continuity

With advanced cloud contact center technology, ensure consistent and streamlined call center operations. Empower your remote call center with enterprise-grade CRM integration and web-based telephony.


A Quick Checklist To Decide on the Right Cloud Contact Center Vendor

Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud contact center is hosted on an internet server from which businesses handle their  inbound and outbound customer queries and interactions. Cloud contact center solutions make it easy for businesses to interact with their customers through voice, email, and social media channels virtually with no setup costs and time.

Benefits of cloud contact center software are:
  • 1. Highly flexible and scalable
  • 2. Minimal infrastructure cost
  • 3. Minimal maintenance
  • 4. Ease of deployment
  • 5. Allows agents to work from remote locations
In a cloud contact center software, automated routing helps businesses to streamline distribution of incoming calls to their agents. Businesses configure routing rules in a manner that help them achieve a high first call resolution rate a minimal call abandonment rate. Ameyo helps you with different routing algorithm like skill-based routing, preferred agent routing, persona-based routing, routing on the basis of historical transactions/conversation Explore Routing Rules
Yes, the cloud contact center can support multiple interaction channels like Chat, Email, Voice, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter as channels

The number one reason for organisation to go for cloud deployment is saving on high upfront capital on infrastructure cost. The second most important reason is maintenance of the setup which the vendor like Ameyo does for the business. Cloud call centers do manage traffic like a regular on premise call center software.