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What is Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud call center software is hosted over the internet which is easily deploy-able and involves a minimum cost. Cloud contact center software reduces the need of hardware set up and makes it easy to access the interactions through multiple channel virtually in the system.

Why do you need a Cloud Contact Center Software?


Flexibility & Scalability

Increase or decrease agents quickly without worrying about the operational overheads and setup. Easily migrate from premise to cloud and set up a call center without any hassle. Deliver interaction applications faster.


Better ROI with Lower Costs

Reduce the infrastructure cost, maintenance cost and manage your call flows without any external team with cloud call center software. Operate your business with ease and monitor the actions of call details, call performance, distribution and volume on one screen with no IT infrastructure costs.


Secure Operations

Secure your data with Ameyo Cloud Contact Center without having to compromise with the scalability of your business. Save data leakage with Virtual Private Network (VPN) and ensure safe communication with your customers. Secure business calls data with Ameyo Cloud and enable Internet Lease Line (ILL) to safely handle contact center operations.

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Cloud Contact Center Benefits

Connect with Customers over WebRTC

Enable voice communication between agent browser and call server with a contact centre software. WebRTC is embedded in a system and is supported on G.711 Codec wherein you can initiate browser based calling. Reduce the cost of purchasing hard phone and enable a secure communication between browsers. Easily integrate WebRTC with your existing hardware and seamlessly operate calling functionalities.


Define your Routing Rules

Route the calls smartly and match callers to meet most qualified agents to increase customer satisfaction with cloud based call center software. Enhance existing skill based routing with the provision of a smart scheduler to identify idle agents correctly. Prioritize the ticket distribution and automatically route the calls on the basis of configured routing rules. Automatize the actions and route the calls to customer’s preferred agents thus delighting the customers.

Automate your Dialing Strategies

Automate the dialing operations and increase agent’s productivity with cloud based call center software. Reduce the task of manually dialing, call waiting time or on-hold time and efficiently manage the calls with auto-dialer. Predictive dialer will automatically assign the calls based on configured parameters like availability of agents in the queue, average handling time or average wrapping time and reduce agent’s idle time.


Integrate with Leading Applications

Easily integrate Ameyo remote call center software with your business tools and access customer interaction history in your browser without any trouble. Avail all customer data in one interface and be well informed about customers before initiating any interaction. CRM-CTI integration with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, etc. ensures the flexibility in your business workflow.

Reporting & Dashboard

Manage ticket distribution status and agent’s availability in peak hours and maximize the work efficiency with cloud call center solutions. Record inbound and outbound calls and set parameters of quality standards on the basis of conversion rate. Monitor multiple campaigns and set Key Campaign Metrics to analyze the performance of each agent individually. Get access to customer interaction data and active agents on priority queues while assigning tickets to agents.



“We have been using Ameyo for more than an a decade now. It is a perfect call center solution and is a CRM in itself. Ameyo is a perfect cloud solution for us and we see no challenge even if we scale up to 20,000 requests.”


Business Head, Consumer Experience – UrbanClap

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of cloud contact center software are:
1. Highly flexible and scalable
2. Minimal infrastructure cost
3. Minimal maintenance
4. Ease of deployment
5. Allows agents to work from remote locations

In a cloud contact center software, automated routing helps businesses to streamline distribution of incoming calls to their agents. Businesses configure routing rules in a manner that help them achieve a high first call resolution rate a minimal call abandonment rate. Ameyo helps you with different routing algorithm like skill-based routing, preferred agent routing, persona-based routing, routing on the basis of historical transactions/conversation

Explore Routing Rules

Yes, the cloud contact center can support multiple interaction channels like Chat, Email, Voice, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter as channels

The number one reason for organisation to go for cloud deployment is saving on high upfront capital on infrastructure cost. The second most important reason is maintenance of the setup which the vendor like Ameyo does for the business. Cloud call centers do manage traffic like a regular on premise call center software.

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