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Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System

Omnichannel Customer Support Software that extends your Customer support capability to Voice, Email and other Digital channels.

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Auto Ticket Creation in Omnichannel Ticketing System

Ameyo Fusion CX lets you create a ticket every time a customer reaches your business through any channel specified in the next section. Agents get notified whenever a ticket is raised and can access these tickets in the ticketing system. This auto ticket creation eliminates the need to toggle between different screens to manage interactions coming in from different screens and allows effective management of omnichannel interactions. Check out more on ticketing automation– ticketing capabilities and features.

Channels Supported in Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System

Email based Ticketing

Email based Ticketing

Enable your agents to reply to an email, add a note, attach one or more files or calls, as well as to forward the email sent by the customer to other agents in the queue. A ticket is automatically generated, and the agent can access this ticket by logging into the Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System. Agents are provided with a Unified Agent Desktop where they can manage email interactions on the same screen where they are managing interactions coming from any other channel. Further to increase agent’s productivity in real-time, the system incorporates a ‘canned response’ feature which enables agents to answer frequently asked or common questions.
Create Tickets for Unresolved Customer queries via Voice

Create Tickets for Unresolved Customer queries via Voice

Ameyo omnichannel ticketing system allows businesses to manage their inbound and outbound calls with Automatic Call Distributor(ACD) and Dialer. Every time a call is initiated or received by the contact center, a ticket gets created automatically.

In an inbound scenario, when a customer connects with the contact center, gets connected to IVR through which the call is routed to the right (per the routing rules) agent in a queue. However, in an outbound scenario, the dialer automatically calls a customer and routes the call to an outbound queue agent.

Turn WebChat- In-App Chat interactions to Tickets

Turn WebChat/ In-App Chat interactions to Tickets

Hit quick response times with proactive engagement via webchat. Enable your agents to serve the customer requests via chat channels with simultaneous multi- interaction handling. Let your agents easily switch to different channels and stay connected to your customers on each platform. Power up agents with access to complete contextual data of customers stored in the Omnichannel ticketing system.
Engage with your App Users on Google Play

Engage with your App Users on Google Play

Mobile Apps are at the core of every business today that wants to scale in digital times. Ameyo enables you to engage in user feedback on these apps and work on them as support tickets. User comments can now be captured in Ameyo and seamlessly assigned to Support Agents.

Engage and Support your Customers on Instagram

Engage and Support your Customers on Instagram

Engage with your customers by commenting and replying to their requests coming via Instagram. Enable auto-ticket creation to keep an eye on turnaround times and maintain SLAs for resolutions. Handle customer feedback all at one place with an omnichannel messaging platform and always have a single view of the customer.

Make WhatsApp your Customer Engagement Platform

Make WhatsApp your Customer Engagement Platform

Have two-way engagement with customers via Whatsapp. Automate customer service notifications, alerts, or reminders via Whatsapp to stay connected with your customers at all times. Add Whatsapp to your ticketing capability or use it as a plug-n-play platform to create tickets independently. Capture offline multimedia chats in the form of tickets to never miss your customer requests.

Don't Miss out on Customer queries on Facebook

Don't Miss out on Customer queries on Facebook

Let your customers feel heard and engage with customers and reply to their feedback coming via Facebook posts and comments. Get in touch with your customers with a tap on the messenger chat option. Have automated interaction grouping for related conversations on Facebook posts to maintain the context of the conversation. 

Traditional Engagement via SMS

Traditional Engagement via SMS

SMS still plays a large role in customer engagement for areas with poor internet connectivity. Ameyo omnichannel customer support software enables you to be ready will all channels and ensures you don’t miss out on any brand interaction


Serve your Customers via YouTube

Engage with prospects and customers on YouTube. Ameyo’s customer service solution allows your agents to interact with, and reply to YouTube comments.  Ensure no comment is missed by automatically creating a ticket for each one. Additionally, the unified agent desktop enables the agents to view/edit customer information, reply to the comments, and more on a single screen – thus, improving their response time and productivity.

More Helpdesk Capabilities

Helpdesk Automation
Helpdesk Automation

Save agent time and effort by automating repetitive tasks to improve customer support and satisfaction

reporting and measuring
Helpdesk Reporting

Measure important metrics to strategize and improve operational efficiency.


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