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Age of Omnichannel: 4 Mediums Customers Prefer Most These Days

“This is my world, my world!”

These were the legendary words of Agent Smith, before he had come, flying at Neo in the Hollywood blockbuster - The Matrix. This movie raised a lot of eyebrows, but more than that it raised a lot of questions on reality, with its conclusive logic.

Fast forward more than 15 years, and a similar phenomenon is being observed in the customer service landscape, in the form of - Omnichannel mode of communication

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5 Common Omnichannel Customer Service Mistakes that you Must Avoid

Customers do not distinguish between channels while reaching out to a company. They simply want to find the solution to their issues and answers to their questions no matter which channel they choose to engage with you. Be it mobile, voice, text message, chat or social media, customers expect to have a flawless experience. They might start a conversation on one and continue on another and do not wish to repeat the information already provided, thus blurring the lines between channels.

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How Contact Center Technology is Revolutionizing the Car Rental Industry

The car rental industry took in around $27 million in revenue last year. With a million-dollar increase over 2014, the rental industry is expanding as more and more Americans are hitting the open road and traveling for work and leisure. So, as rental companies and startups reach beyond their existing customer bases, customer experience management software is also revolutionizing the way that agents and other professionals are servicing travelers nationwide. 

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What the Future of Customer Experience will Look Like

Customer Experience (CX) has traversed quite the distance - from being a buzzword, to being one the most imperative integral parts of almost all business strategies.

The enormous relevance of customer experience has been substantiated by Forrester Research. A study by the firm states that CX assumed the numero uno status in the priority list for business and technology leaders in 2015. Moreover, it stands tall as a critical success factor for all enterprises in 2016.

Now, a lot has been said and written on customer experience and why it is important for all businesses to include it in their policies. Frankly, this blog post is not going to emphasize on the importance of customer experience.

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Customer Acquisition Vs. Customer Retention - A Detailed Analysis [Infographic]

If you are working in a service industry or have market inclination, you would agree with me that most organisations prefer customer retention over acquiring new customer. If you are wondering what makes them go after customer retention vs. customer acquisition, there are many parameters involved. The biggest factor which stands out here is the ‘cost factor’.

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5 Perfect Customer Acquisition Strategies that will save you Big Bucks!

For any business, losing customers is similar to losing a good old best friend or parting ways with a long time girlfriend... ah the heartbreak!

Ok, I might have gone overboard with the comparison, but irrefutably, retaining customers is long shot for all businesses hoping to earn a good brand name and stifle competition.

Last I heard was that the cost to acquire a new customer is almost 5 times more, than to retain a present customer. This got me thinking – most firms might be getting it wrong. They are extremely focused on customer retention, and therefore almost completely miss the larger picture.

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5 Videos that show Omnichannel is Rejigging Shopping Forever

Shopping has traversed a long road – from traditional brick and mortar retail, to door to door marketing, and finally the superiority of e-commerce.

Nevertheless, shopping as we know it is witnessing another substantial change, with the emergence of Omnichannel customer experience. With the proliferation of multiple channels of interaction like mobile, social media, chat, instant messaging, app feedback, email, and others – the relevance of Omnichannel has increased manifold.

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5 Top Reasons Why Loyal Customers Desert a Brand

Do you often boast of a loyal customer base?

I am sure you have toiled enough to earn a handsome number of customers for your brand, and these customers will stick with your brand for a long time.

Or is that what you as a brand manager have been led to believe, all these years?

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Making the move from Multichannel to Omnichannel Contact Center

Mr. Henry was ordering food with the help of a food delivery app, but got stuck due to an error while making payment. Eventually his money was received by the app but the order was not confirmed. He thought to interact with the customer support agent using the live chat feature, but the option was not available. He tried calling the customer support department, but the queue was so long that he decided to try another option. Finally, he made a post on the Social Media page of the company, but did not get any response even after 5 days.

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Outbound Call Center Software to Your Agent’s Rescue

There’s one thing which is strikingly similar in everyone’s life these days. Everybody is busy. Everyone have their to-do list for every day. In such a scenario and a fast-paced life, it can often become easy to be left behind and miss out on important opportunities and goals.

The Problem - While you adoringly set your call center’s agents targets and push them to keep up with building rapport with prospects, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. No matter how many calls they make, they cannot reach soaring heights. They cannot keep up that quickly to please all your customers. And as much as it annoys you, it annoys them too. No one likes to be frequently reminded about how they are not doing a great job.

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