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3 Quick Tips to Delivering Customer Service to their Preferred Channels


Multi-channel Customer service has become more like a norm in contact centers, than a favorable extension for customer support. Organizations are required to adopt multi-channel customer relationships to keep up with the exponential increase in consumer demand. With proliferation of new channels and technologies, consumers expect to communicate with businesses via new channels.

This approach makes a lot of sense; allow customers to engage on their preferred mode of communication and make them as comfortable and easy as possible to do business with your organization. But this approach, may sound attractive and appealing but will account for additional exertion on employees and technical resources.

Customers expect to be served with unprecedented quality at all times, irrespective of their communication channel. But providing consistent quality across all channels is a bummer. It is close to impossible in maintaining the consistency.

It is of paramount importance in sustaining and improving the relationship between your customer across their lifecycle. Here are 3 quick tips that will ease the process:

1. Be where the customer is. Not the most controversial statement in todays customer focussed environment, but being present where your customer prefers to be goes a long way. It gives the customer the power on how to engage with you, that suits his comfort.

2. Let the Customer decide the Level of Engagement. Agent-less or widely referred as Self-service is truly the most cost-efficient mode of communication, but might not be the ideal mode. Leave it the customers to opt for the level of engagement, There would be customer who prefer human interactions over self-service while undergoing a business transactions. Your objective is to make the customer as comfortable as possible.

3. Resolve Problems ASAP. Customers expect to their problems and issues to be resolved as quickly as possible. Despite the channels they choose, the customer support should aim at delivering quick responses to customers. With each transfer, phone call, email, text, customers lose their patience, which will question the quality of service you deliver and will compromise the goodwill of your business. Empower your front-line agents to resolve customer problems, which will favor in retaining and growing your customer base. Always aim at improving First Call Resolution rates at contact center.

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