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    What is a Customer Service System?

    A customer support system helps an organization to manage customer service requests and interact with the customers to resolve their support tickets. A comprehensive customer support software or a help desk software helps you streamline the customer service process by automating the complete ticketing process, providing omnichannel support, customizing performance reports and dashboards for faster and quality service delivery.

    Customer support system is the backbone of your business, and a right help desk software will assist you to position your customer service as a
    competitive advantage.

    Why do you need a Customer Service Solution?

    Reduce Operational Costs
    Reduce Operational Costs

    Reduce customer effort to minimize cost of operations. With call center Customer Service Solution, you can decrease 40% of repeat calls, 50% of escalations and 54% of channel switching. Help your customers with quick self-service and direct only complex issues to the agents, thus increasing agent’s efficiency.

    Ameyo’s innovative customer care solutions ensure high quality services with minimum installation, maintenance and expansion costs. Reduction in such operational costs results in better ROI and have a positive impact on the business growth.

    Design Omni Channel Interaction
    Design Omni Channel Interaction

    Communicating with customers with a customer Support software to answer their support queries is simple and quick if your customer service agents have clear context of previous interactions across multiple channels, tickets and other customer related data in single unified screen.

    Real-time Monitoring & Reporting

    Ameyo provides complete web-monitoring and reporting controls that help you manage operations effectively. This ultimately helps to manage the entire workforce with flexibility.

    Cloud Customer Service software optimize interaction time and improves quality of service by fetching data on lead identity, disposition, agent, date, and time. Relevant data is furnished in a easy to understand graphical representation. Resource management becomes flexible with smart dashboards.

    Setup Your Work from Home Ready Call Center in 48 hours!

    Customer Service Software Features that Ameyo offers


    Distribute Calls Intelligently with ACD

    Scale up your operations effortlessly and quickly Customer Service Management Software, and with lesser infrastructure costs with a smart Automatic Call Distribution system. Reduce waiting time for your customers and route the calls to skill-based agents. Distribute calls intelligently with smart ACD system and route the customers to their preferred agents. With a customer service support software powered by ACD, automatically schedule the call back to avoid keeping your customers waiting in line.



    Omnichannel Customer Service

    Provide quick services across all channels including email, chat, social media or any other channel with Cloud Customer Service Software. Let your customers reach you effortlessly via any channel and guide them to the right channel. Simplify customer interactions with an Omnichannel Call Center Software and enable your customers to self-serve saving time and effort of both agents and the customers.



    Enable your Customers to Self Serve

    Provide round the clock service, manage high call volumes at lower cost and solve customer’s query without directing them to an agent. Self-Service IVR enables the customers to reach the information instantly, thus reducing handling time for agents. Define business hours and play a pre-recorded message in non-business hours to ensure not to completely lose out on any customer.



    Filter the Routing Logics

    Route calls to best available agents in the queue and reduce the call waiting time for customers. Direct the incoming calls to the right agent based on agent skill, workload, priority or persona to ensure quick resolution. A customer service management software allows the assignment of each customer to the most skilled and available agent to deliver exemplary customer experience. Pre-define routing rules to uniformly distribute the calls to agents and drive the best value from each interaction.



    “We wanted a flexible solution with customization as our organization progressed. Ameyo understood our business well and programmed the call flow and the telephony. I think it’s incredible.”

    Sharmistha Majumdar
    General Manager, Customer Service – Spoton

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