30+ Customer Service Statistics to Watch Out For in 2022

Customer Service

Customer Service is no longer an add-on for customers provided by companies during the buying experience. It has become one of the most important factors influencing customer behavior. 

Here are 33 Customer Service Statistics to watch in 2022 to grow your business: 

  1. More than 60% of the customers agree that their expectations and standards regarding customer service have increased immensely. They want a service that is quick, effective, and requires low effort on the customer’s end.  (Zendesk)
  1. High-effort requirements from the customers for issue resolutions make them 96% inclined to switch from that brand to another, and 81% are likely to share their experience with others, resulting in negative word-of-mouth. (Gartner
  1. 61% of customers proclaim to have left a bad review on the brand page or a blog after their negative experience regarding customer service. (Arena CX)
  1. 54% of customers have reported that the number of questions they are required to answer before being able to connect with a human agent is the biggest cause of frustration with chatbots. (Zendesk)
  1. 56% of the customers admit that they would prefer to pay some additional amount for a product if it ensures exceptional customer support. (PR Newswire)
  1. 61% of customers have admitted that customer service has become a top priority. So, they would go to a competitor after just one bad experience. The numbers have increased by 22% from the previous year’s statistics. If it were to be two consecutive bad experiences, it would cost them 76% of customers. (Zendesk)
  1. 77% of customers are willing to provide personal data in exchange for superior customer service. (Freshworks)
  1. 65.2 % of customers consider valuable treatment to be the top factor in good customer service. Whereas, 55.3% believe it is influenced by the expertise and knowledge of support agents. 53.5% also include fast response time among the top factors. (Hyken)
  1. 92% of customers are inclined to stay loyal and add lifetime value to the companies that provide seamless customer service without needing to repeat information. (Zendesk)
  1. 88% of customers prefer a self-service portal from the companies for a better customer experience. (Statista)
  1. 77% of customers feel that a poor self-help portal is worse than providing no self-service support as it wastes their time without actually being of help. (Vanilla Forums)
  1. A study conducted in the US found that 78% of brands are more invested in self-service portals to empower customers and provide a better experience with the help of AI-powered chatbots. (Freshworks)
  1. 66% of customers agree that Artificial Intelligence has enhanced their experience by saving their efforts and time, while a similar percentage commend it for making their lives easier.  (Zendesk)
  1. In comparison to the previous year, there has been a 23% increase in the number of customers willing to communicate with a bot for simple issues. That makes 69% of the customers who prefer a bot. (Zendesk)
  1. Email is the most preferred channel of communication by 62% of the customers making live chat the second most preferred channel by 43% of the customers. (Finances Online)
  1. More than 85% of the businesses are expected to provide live chat support in 2022. (Software Advice)
  1. The number of queries being received through social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other regionally popular applications has increased by 36% from the previous year. (Zendesk)
  1. 64% of customers expect an average response time of an hour after posting their concerns on Twitter. While 85% of customers find an average of six hours of response time to be acceptable. (Social Stamina)
  1. 93% of customers have agreed to be willing to spend more with companies that provide their preferred channel of communication. (Zendesk)
  1. 70% of customers believe that the content of excellent customer service is speed, convenience, helpfulness, and amiably executing all the tasks. (PWC)
  1. 9 out of 10 customers prefer an omnichannel service for a seamless experience between communication means. (CX Today
  1. 76% of customers report that they expect to connect with a support agent immediately after the initial contact with a company. (Zendesk)
  1. 49% of customers have admitted to making impulsive purchases after a superior and personalized customer experience with a company. (Dot Digital)
  1. If customer problems are solved at a faster rate, they are 2.4 times more inclined to be loyal to a brand. (Forrester
  1. When exposed to fake or toxic user-generated content on the online community of a company, more than 40% of the users are prone to disengaging, and nearly 45% end up losing their trust in the company entirely. (TELUS International)
  1. 94% of customers consider ratings, reviews, and rankings provided by existing consumers while making online purchases. It exceeds the preference for a brand and the price of the product. (PowerReviews)
  1. A business can increase revenues 2x by improving their customer experience to an acceptable and satisfactory level. (Super Office)
  1. Customer spending tendency can increase by 140% by providing a positive customer experience. (Deloitte)
  1. Companies that provide an exceptional omnichannel experience to their customers notice a minimum of 9.5% growth yearly. (Aberdeen Group)
  1. Brands that focus on improving their customer experience also increase their revenues 4-8% more than their competitive brands. (Forbes)
  1. 57% of customers refuse to recommend a product/brand to others if mobile optimization and interface on their website are not satisfactory. (Sweor
  1. A bad customer experience is reported directly to a brand by only 19.3% of the customers. (Smart Insights)
  1. Only 30% of the customer support agents feel empowered to perform their jobs well. (Zendesk)

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From the above data, it can be seen that the number of customers that make the effort of letting a brand know about their mistakes directly is only 19.3%. 

Hence, a brand has to take active measures to keep itself updated with the issues that provide a seamless customer experience management by testing the functioning properly and updating technologies with changing times. 

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