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5 Drivers for Deploying an Integrated Contact Center in your Small Sized Business [Free Ebook]


Improving end-to-end customer experience has been one of the major concerns for small-sized organizations who have been focusing more towards customer acquisition than retention. A clear understanding of the factors behind customer’s motivation and buying intention is something that you need to adapt as a continuous learning process for building strong customer base. Also, the smart customers seek immediate results and timely response to their queries. Small-sized businesses often fail in delivering optimum results, the reason behind it could possibly be less resource, budget or manpower to handle different situations at the same time.

For businesses to win loyal customers who are also brand advocates, it is necessary to integrate and align the way they treat their customers whether it is in the form of good service or after-sale assistance. New entrants should focus on creating right experiences at the right time and in a real-life operational model.

According to Walker study, “by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.” With the help of smart technologies, organizations have been reinventing and creating experience that really matters. However, Contact center technology is one of the most important inventions that has been playing crucial role in determining the kind of experience that the customer gets from a particular service. Businesses must implement a modern and integrated contact center solution in order to drive sustainable growth and competitive differentiation.

For businesses to build customer centric driven models, we have created an eBook on 5 Drivers for Deploying an Integrated Contact Center in your Small Sized Business.” The eBook will take you through the importance of customer experience and how contact center technology can help organizations  in mapping customer journeys and delivering personalized service. You will also learn:

> Why organizations must adapt to new technologies and communication channels
> The importance of migrating to a digital channel
> How data analytics can accurately help in measuring customer satisfaction?
> The need of contact center technology for small-sized businesses


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