5 Dubious Myths About Customer Experience Debunked



There’s a famous quote from Joseph Camphell which goes –  “Myths are public dreams and dreams are private myths.” But why are we talking about myths and dreams? This is supposed to be a blog on customer experience and around customer service. Isn’t it?

Yes. This is exactly what I aim to cover in this blog post.

Myths are lies we tell ourselves to survive and cling to hope. Businesses are no different. Your customers are very smart. They know exactly what they want and what they expect. If they are settling with lesser customer experience and service standards, it means either they are already looking for a different brand for their business needs or they are giving you yet another chance to improve. The biggest drawback which doesn’t really does anything good and productive to your entourage of uplifting customer experience are those myths which you feed to your customer care reps. These are those myths about customer experience which come up all the time and they help your customer services team to deal with your customers. Almost as if they are delusional. It’s like building a playground on remarks like, ‘nobody’s complaining so we are good’, or ‘customer experience is just a fad’. But this cannot do any good for your business in the long run.

So, let me bring these myths out in the open and tell you what exactly needs to be done to combat them.

Myth #1- Customer experience is just a fad

No. It is not. If you go by the statistics, you will realize that:

– 86% of buyers will pay for a better experience

– 76% customers have bailed out of a transaction due to poor experience

– 73% customers would consider purchasing from a brand again if they had a superior customer experience

Not only your call center agents or service reps, even the top-level management considers these statistics. Your customers are your biggest source of making a full-proof strategy for better engagements, selling and brand building.

Myth #2- Customer experience is marketing

It is not only about marketing. Customer experience is the parent and marketing is a subset of it. You cannot expect your customers to buy a product just because it looks good and everyone is talking about it. They can do so once, but that won’t make them a returning customer, leave alone the word of mouth publicity.

Side tip – 65% customers find it frustrating when they come across inconsistent offers, experiences or treatments through different channels when shopping for the same product or service.

Also, if you do not take into account their comfort, satisfaction, expectations and feedback, you should buckle up and be ready to spend about 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Who wants that?

Myth #3- Customer experience comes with customer service

This is perhaps the biggest misconception that people have. With a sober nudge, I hate to break it you but – NO. Customer experience does not come with customer service. They are not two entirely different things, their approach is very non-identical. You need someone on-board who can teach your reps the art and science of customer experience. One session in a blue moon won’t do much good.Just picking up the receiver and asking your customers ‘How may I help you?’ won’t do much good either. A customer centric culture needs an enlightened leader, who can exactly be a customer advocate and give your operating teams the customer’s perspective.

Myth #4- Customer experience does not involve user experience

When your customers call you or reach you online, what defines your brand or product for them? The answer is pretty easy. The voice on the other end and the UI that appears on their screen. Now, if the voice is not welcoming or sufficiently trained to deal with their queries and the UI is too damn tough to navigate through and filled with all sorts of advertisements, up-selling requests – how much patience do you think one needs, to continue doing business with your brand? Honestly, I would log out and never return or hang up and look for an alternate remedy. Most of your customers, even the loyal ones usually do this. ‘Customer service’ is big fat puzzle which has a lot of moving parts, of which customer experience management with appropriate user experience are two very critical wheels. You cannot hope to succeed in one without comforting the other parameter.

Myth #5- Less complaints = happy customers

This is what exactly 87% of your service reps thinks. If they aren’t cribbing or complaining or furious, the call is going great. But have you ever given this fact a thought that maybe your customers have just stopped caring? They don’t care what your company is offering them, they don’t care for any new products you are launching or whatever it is. They have become numb to your sub-standards of bad customer service. This might seem too harsh to read, but this is exactly what it is.

Side tip- 70 – 90% customers often don’t complaint. They just share their bad experience with their friends and family and we all know what that does to any business.

The list can be never-ending. But I sincerely hope that with this blog post, you can correct some misconceptions and myths you have about improving customer’s experience. If you have more points to add or any feedback to share, do let me know in the comments section. 

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