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Don't Ignore App Feedback while boosting Customer Engagement



If you are working in a service industry, where you have to interact with customers on a daily basis, listen to their rants, issues, complaints, feedback, suggestions, inputs and sometimes short life stories too – you would agree with me that 7 out of 10 calls you attend, don’t go really that good.Customer feedback for customer retention

There’s a very famous quote from Bill Gates – “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” So, if you consider this quote and dissect it for ‘gyan’, and key takeaways for home, you would realize the importance of customer feedback and suggestions. You would give value to every suggestion, feedback and complaint mail you receive in your inbox on a daily basis, as you are the face of the brand for them. You are their voice. It is your doings and actions that will decide the course of business for your organization.

Your customer service tactics and skills would determine if they would want to continue doing business with you or take their account elsewhere. Every hello you say, every tone modulation you skip or make, will decide the next 10 minutes of the call, and eventually whether you are making a customer or losing one. And, as I have emphasized time and again, it takes more effort to get a new customer on board then to retain an old one. So why not put in the right amount of effort to retain existing customers and acquire new fan base? Is it too much hard work or effort?

I say no.

Listen, acknowledge and implement

These days, everyone wants to be heard. Everyone you meet has opinions – good, bad, ugly. The only thing missing is a platform, a vent. Your customers are also looking for a similar approach. All they expect from you (besides exceptional customer service skills) is that you listen! To listen, read and understand and take action on your customers feedback.

In a service industry like a call center or a contact center, customer satisfaction and customer experience is the most sought after backbone for a thriving business. But the times are now changing. Your customers are swift. They are on a brand-hopping-wagon. It is just a matter of minutes for them to switch from your esteemed brand to even your lousy competitor if they feel unwanted, ignored or are poorly serviced.

Customer app feedback can be a sure shot rescue in such cases. You have a giant business setup, you have a team of hardworking professionals, they are living up to expectations, meeting their daily quota of calls, servicing clients, answering queries and everything else. However, the difference (the BIG one) is that they are on the other side of the call. They are not putting themselves through in your customer’s shoe. They can sound empathetic and show gestures of sympathy and behave really well, but they lack the insights a customer has to offer.

This is something which you can only gain with customer app feedback. There is no shortcut to achieve perfection and especially when you have a lot of competition circling you from interiors and exteriors of business.

Modern day customers, modern day approach

Customers these days are really tech savvy. Everyone uses a smartphone. They are always connected to the world wide web and have a global presence. In such a digitized scenario, it is most appropriate to engage your customers (existing and the new ones) via these mediums of engagements. One such methodology, which is really catching up and is hot in market, is using Applications.

A mobile app lets your customers to stay connected and in touch with your support staff, whenever and wherever they are. It is like having a personal assistant, who is just a touch away. And, it gets more interesting. You just don’t have to offer customer support services via these apps, but you need to channelize customer feedback to get more footfall or following in your business doings.

Customer app feedback for legendary product development

Customer app feedback for better product development is one the most dynamic, engaging and fresh ways of getting more customers on board, keeping them engrossed with your products and services, and at the same time gaining customer loyalty.

It lets you build more personal relationships with your customers, as they feel more connected, you are more approachable and they know what they suggest or give feedback, will not go waste. It will be taken into account.

It also ensures customization. You can alter a product or a service as per a customer’s need and requirements; of course it suits your cut and budget.

I hope with this blog post, you would give customer app feedback a great thought and start engaging more customers for a better product development plan.

If you more points to add or share, do let me know in the comments section. 



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