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5 Kinds of Customers that will take Most of your Startup’s Time


In a time where Millennials rule the roost in the client base of almost every business, handling customers have become more pertinent than ever. So much so, that industries have started putting confidence in the slogans – ‘customer is king’, and ‘the customer is always right’.

While some customers are painless to handle, others can give your startup a tough time. It is true that all customers irrespective of set parameters essentially translate into potential business for you.

However, not all customers will go easy on you; some might give you a tough time and will be hard to tackle.

Today, let’s delve into 5 kinds of customers that will consume the maximum time, might prove burdensome for your business, and how they can be dealt with in the right manner.

1. The One Always Keep a Negative Outlook

We live in a world where optimism is dying fast and there are trust issues everywhere. When you build your startup, you will meet a lot of customers or prospects who will mostly remain dissatisfied with whatever you create. These customers always see the negative in any given situation. Of course, they have business needs that have to be met, but adopting a negative approach never helps. The best way to deal with this type of customer is to keep them in the loop for every stage of the engagement. This will help to avoid reworking on the entire project once it is completed.

2. The One Who is Ruled by Paradoxes

This type of customer is always confused even with the simplest of things. One day, they might get excited about an idea, and start having second thoughts the very next day. This makes it a cumbersome job to keep them satisfied or meet their needs and they are unsure most of the time. The right way to tackle such customers is to have a clear dialogue and make them clear of what can be expected. Moreover, you should maintain a record of all that are discussed, so that they are aware of what is being created at all times.

3. The One Who Might Never Return

There are plenty of people in the planet who only works for a free cookie. This kind of customer will most likely choose your startup’s products/services because they found a lucrative deal online. Therefore, they might wander off to your completion even if you have provided tem your time and a great customer experience. They also don’t tend to write any reviews for your brand. The key rule to follow in order to deal with these customers is to ensure that you don’t underprice your products/services. Rather, you should always make an earnest attempt to enhance customer experience by add exemplary elements to your offerings.

4. The One Who is Omnipresent on Social Media

Probably the toughest cookie for your startup is a customer who has a tendency to rant about everything on social media platforms. Naturally, if this customer doesn’t think that your customer service is not up to the mark, he/she will not hesitate to display his thoughts all over the internet. Your startup will thereafter end up on the wrong side of things. Therefore, make certain that you train your team in customer recovery methods and resolving customer issues instantly and effectively. In other words, this type of customer should always feel that he/she is cared for.

5. The One Who Makes False Calls

It might seem mindboggling, but there are some customers who makes a brand spend time, effort and money to develop a product, but will eventually end up not buying it. Consequently, this type of customer can do cause immense damage to your startup in the worst possible manner. Thus, you should always take a token amount or advance to ensure that the customer is genuinely interested in your brand and is not whiling your time. 



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