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5 Motivational Videos for Startups to get their Mojo Back


Some days back, one of close friends asked me out of the blue – “When do we humans require the maximum motivation”? I must honestly admit that initially I was dumbfounded with his rather deep philosophical question. However, in few minutes the answer was staring at me and I knew almost immediately that we all need the greatest form of motivation when we are about to start something new.

My friend has started to go to the gym for about a week now, and in his mind he had taken a firm pledge to carve a great body. This means he has to follow a great workout regime and a strict diet. Let’s face it – diet is something we all Indians are least concerned about. The same has happened to my friend who wants to eat well, eat healthily, and eat the right quantity but gets almost minimum motivation from his family members. On, the contrary, his seriousness is often dismissed by extreme cynicism.

You might ask at this point that what the whole point of the aforementioned narration is. I frankly believe that the plight of startups and entrepreneurs is no different than that of my friend. Obviously, the setting might differ, but the lack of motivation and enthusiasm dished out is absolutely appalling.

Therefore, to set things right for these startups and entrepreneurs, we have compiled a list of 5 videos that will prove to be your daily dose of motivation. The motivation you so badly crave to reinstall self-belief, to accomplish goals, to better the ‘you’ from yesterday, and to shut non-believers.

So, for the next half an hour go through these motivational videos and get your mojo back.

1. ‘DO IT – Startup India’ – With a voiceover from our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, this video can surely prove to be your salvation in trying times. It brilliantly tells us why you should never kill your dreams and aspirations, even when nobody believes in you, or even opposes you.

2. From ‘No One’ to ‘A Big Shot’ – All great businesses were a startup at one point of time. This video gives you accounts from personal lives of big names such as Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and many others, when they has just started their entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Stop Thinking, Start Doing – Seldom in life we realise that thinking and over-thinking causes more harm than good. Contrarily, sometimes we have to stop thinking and start taking serious steps to realise passions that are trapped inside our brains. This video is a self-revelation about someone who was a failure in engineering but went on to co-build a million-dollar company – all because he stopped thinking and started following his passions.

4. You too can Influence and Build – This short video talks about the importance of you, when you are about to start something new or build something. It tells that you have the power to change everything around you positively, as everything around us we call ‘life’, is made up by people who were at one time no smarter than you.

5. The Time is Now – As opposed to normal belief that everything happens at the right time, this motivational video discusses that there is no ‘right time’ to start a business. If you have a great idea and if you believe in it, you have to take a chance and start at the earliest.

I am sure these videos have given you the much-needed boost to stop listening to useless chatter from non-believers and start trusting your startup ideas with renewed vigour. So, let’s get back to work now and change the world!


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