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5 Questions You Must Ask Call Center Agent Applicants


Customer service in the digital era is more than having patience and a ready smile- even though it is critical to have them both. Working in a call center demands a lot of talents, mostly which are not limited to customer service requiring managers to ask the right questions before hiring applicants. Call center managers should realize that agents are a contact center’s most vital resource, and it is paramount that they take their time in hiring the right people before cramming them into cubicles.

A lot of contact center managers rush through the assessment and selection process and act surprised when they find out that the candidate that they selected turns out to be unqualified, unreliable and a total failure for the gig. To help ensure that you frontline folks are top-notch I have compiled a few questions that you should ask, and guarantees incorporating them in your assessment process will improve the caliber of the agents you bring on-board.

What is the primary reason you want to work in a contact center?

Applicants who show creative potential and a refreshingly different mindset would be great. It is important to hire a diverse group of people. Ensure that they are calm when they answer, which demonstrates that they are less likely to be overwhelmed during peak calling hours. Be wary of applicants who display arrogance and are egotistical, they are certainly not cut out for call center agents which require humility and selflessness.

Are you Digitally Savvy?

The skills of a call center agent have gone beyond basic word processing and spreadsheets. As contact centers have transformed infusing a whole lot of technological functionalities, all call center applicants should be asked about their digital skills and their ability to leverage technology to meet customer requirements.

Are you a Writer?

With the call center ecosystem changing, written communications have become as crucial as linguistic skills. With the proliferation of digital channels and contact centers becoming omni-channel, call center agents are required to interact with customers through multiple channels like email, chat, social media, etc. And managers should ensure that their verbal and written communications are in line with your organization service quality.

What Does your Social Media Footprint Look like?

Social media profiles are becoming an integral part of existence. As such, it’s important to ask your applicants whether they have established social media profiles. Reviewing these profiles will help you learn more about the applicants and their personal brand.

What is the most important thing to remember when dealing with an angry customer?

Applicants that answer with empathy are more likely to turn out to be deceptive and dangerous for your organization. Call center agents should be able to keep a level head in times of strife, they are less likely to burnout and alienate customers.

You can’t afford to hire the wrong people. Call center agents are the face and voice of your business, and you need to arm your business with the right kind of people to ensure success. 



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