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5 Reasons to Implement Voice Broadcasting in your Call Centers



Voice broadcasting is a technique that broadcasts a telephone message to numerous customers at once in a very short time in the call centers.

For many organizations, the need for voice broadcasting is driven by emergence of; words need to be spread in a quick period of time. Studies show that telephone calls are more effective than emails to gain customer attention. However, making calls to a large customer base requires many agents in the call centers which mean high substantial investment. Voice Broadcasting is an economical communication channel that offers significant cost savings and provides a supernatural service that is not possible for the for live agents to achieve.

Here are the reasons why call centers should essentially opt for voice broadcasting tools:

1) Cost effective:

Call centers have a tight budget to follow; they prefer automation to spread their messages than appointing agents. Voice broadcasting is preferred in call centers because it saves them from incurring a recurring cost every month. It has the virtue to capture immediate attention, and it is highly effective when transmitted to cellular numbers or landline numbers.

2) Bulk voice calls:

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded automated calls, which embroil automated dialing to the collective numbers at once with the help of computer managed lists. It helps the call centers to send voice ads of their company’s new product or any other recorded message in known language to the mobiles or landline across the nation. It is an impactful tool to burst out the recorded voice message to numerous call recipients to promote brand awareness and publicity and improve sales.

3) Voice Broadcasting supports wide applications:

Voice broadcasting technology can be used for surveys to measure the client’s level of satisfaction with the company’s product, guide the users by helping them navigate through the call menu, and are used for sending critical messages to the customers and the clients. This way voice broadcasting helps to capture imperative information from the customers to send to the agents

4) Scalability:

Voice broadcasting is highly indispensable for businesses that are associated with a large number of clients. Multiple calls can be made at the same time, maintaining a high level of scalability.

5) Personalize voice message:

Voice messages create a much higher impact on customers than emails. Through a broadcasting tool, a scripted personalized voice message can be broadcasted to a large number of recipients at a time. In personalized scripted voice call, the call centers can upload a common message for the large audience having phone numbers and names. And a smart automated IVR would redirect a call to the listed numbers, address them with their names and say hello and convey the message to them. 



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