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5 Ted Talks for Startups to Renew Imagination and Innovation


What sets startups apart?

While there are multiple theories and philosophies that state the distinctiveness of startups, for me imagination and innovation are the two major components that truly make startups the way they are. Good startups are formed only when there is a genesis of a new idea, and when some new innovation is needed to make that idea a reality, by turning it into a product or service, that was previously unseen, unheard, and unrealised.

However, we all know great ideas don’t come to people every other day. They need time to form and more often than not, require inspiration, motivation and self-belief, which is why we have compiled a list of Ted Talks for startups and entrepreneurs.

These videos show why startups exist, how to properly build a startup, how to tackle failure, and many other aspects, that will surely provide much needed philosophical insight – something all startups need from time to time, to be successful.

1. Timing is Everything

I know you might have ‘timing is everything’ numerous times in your life, but what if I told you that timing is more essential than the idea, to form a great and sustainable startup? You must be nodding your head in disagreement now, but listen to what Bill Gross has to say about timing, ideas, business model, and other factors behind the success and failures of startups. You will surely gain some new perspective.

2. Problem Finding is more important than Problem Solving

This Ted Talks video by Bikash Barai tells us what the primary reason for failure of startups is. According to him, most startups are so engrossed in solving a particular problem, that they forget the importance of problem finding. Bikash emphasizes that only through problem finding, startups will be able to survive and thrive in the longer run.

3. The Rationales Behind Startup Success

While we all are mostly confused about the primary factors necessary for a startup to be successful, Tak Lo – a predictive analyst of startups, seems to have figured this predicament quite clearly.  Lo says that there are some basic rationales to build a thriving startup, namely – an outstanding CEO, who is a perfect mix of being optimistic and at the same time doesn’t lose sight of realism.

4. Passion Alone is Not Enough

Muhammed Fazeel speaks at a Ted Talks event and he makes a pretty good statement, he says that passion is not enough to make a startup work. Startups and small businesses need to work around it to determine the true potential of an idea. So, we literally need to get our ass of and start working hard, and do anything to make an idea work, that could mean everything for people.

5. Great Ideas come from Disorganized Places

You can’t create startups ideas in a lab. In other words there is no defined formula to form great ideas, and can often come from the unlikeliest of people and places. Steven Johnson draws a striking parallel between ‘liquid networks’ of London’ coffee houses to how modern startups should ideally be. Take a look at this Ted Talks and be amazed.

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