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5 Ted Talks to Derive Remarkable Customer Service Lessons


In life, we often need to reassess our targets and priorities, when the going gets tough or we are unable to figure our way out of a distressing problem. This is because the same set of techniques need not work every single time. Situations and circumstances change and the same should hold true with the way we tackle hardships. In many ways, the world of customer service is no different.

Contact center agents and managers find themselves in pretty awkward or painful situations while handling customers on a daily basis, or with hosted contact center solutions. This is where they need to improvise their strategies to conquer challenges and make the business work even in trying times.

For this purpose, we have compiled 5 Ted Talks that will help you gain some noteworthy lessons in customer service. So, go ahead and listen to each one of them, and we guarantee that you’ll garner some new perspectives.

  1. Making Customer Service work in Developing Countries

According to David Bequette, 96% of new jobs will be in the service industry. In this Ted Talks, he talks about customer service in the developing parts of the world and what are the factors which influence bad service in those parts. Bequette says that in emerging economies, customers look down upon service representatives, and agents lack proper training. This is quite contradictory to the west – where customer service is all about building relationships and mutual respect.

  1. Harnessing Customer Feedback

The industry veteran, Andy Porter talks about the importance of customer feedback and how it can be harnessed in the best of ways including customer surveys, to develop superior service. Porter states that utilising customer feedback necessarily has 3 steps – gathering, sharing, and discuss. In this Ted Talks, he also talks about how customer comments are often incorrectly handled.

  1. Creating Guest ‘Evangelists’ through Customer Service

This Ted Talks video will surely provide the vigour you so need during the initial part of the week. Tom Costello excitedly explains how to create awe-inspiring service stories to turn customers into evangelists and propagators of your brand. Costello says that commitment towards creating guest enthusiasm is at the core of great service. He also emphasizes the need for great service leaders to have what he terms ‘bi-focal’ vision.

  1. Back your Employees for Great Customer Experiences

Former CEO of HCL Technologies, Vineet Nayar shares some simple ideas that can do a great deal to Employee Engagement scores and ensure growth in any company. He states that backing your employees and ensuring their satisfaction is a sure-shot way to gain more customers, outperforming the competition, and creating unique experiences for customers. Nayar also says that the management’s job is only to enthusing, encouraging, and enabling employees to create unique customer experiences so that companies can grow faster.

  1. Customers are Guests, Not Problems

Hospitality industry expert Jan Gunnarsson provides a fresh take on customer service solutions and leadership. According to him, customer experience is not in the first place about strategies, but rather making customers feel welcome. Therefore, customers should not only be identified because of the problem or query they bring but also as guests.

We hope these Ted Talks have been able to inspire some new outlook. What do you feel about the ideas and vision talked about in these videos? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 



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