7 Benefits of Using Call Recording Software in your Call Center


A call recording software records phone conversations over VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), and stores them in digital audio format. The software may have call logging functionality as well. It is extremely important for call centers to have a call recording software to provide excellent customer service, and that way increase their sales and service.
Following are some of the advantages of a call recording software.
Customer satisfaction
The interaction between a call center agent and a customer is very important. The agent has to communicate clearly, maintain phone etiquette, treat the customer with respect, maintain a pleasant tone throughout the conversation, and provide answers to all customer queries. The only way management will be able to check whether an agent has done all this is by recording the call and listening to it. Of course, a team lead or a manager can barge in and listen to the call in real-time, but it is not practical in each and every call. Also, the agent will be able to play nice if he / she knows that his / her call is being monitored. A call recording software will be able to record all the calls of an agent, and a manager will be able to pick one and monitor that. This will force the agent to be consistently professional in all the calls. Recording calls will also enable the managers to resolve customer complaints in a timely manner.
Record each customer interaction with call center agents with Voice Logger.
Quality control
The quality manager can listen to the interaction between an agent and a customer and identify the key areas where the agent needs improvement. Then he / she can create a plan for the agent that may include communication training to improve communication skills or product training to increase the agent’s knowledge about a particular product or service. Another scenario is, if the agent takes down the wrong credit card information, the manager can listen to the call and take down the correct information, rather than calling the customer again for the same information, which might irritate the customer. This will save time and money of the company as well. Without a proper call recording system in place, the agents can argue that they did everything correctly on the call, and it will be difficult for the quality manager to prove otherwise.
Sales training
The data / information collected from the recorded calls can be utilized to provide effective sales training to the agents. For example, during an interaction, if the customer is in a good mood, he / she will talk about a lot of things. You can identify the likes of a customer from such interactions. The data can be used to improve sales. There is a way to pitch a product to a customer. Managers can play the calls of experienced agents to trainees or junior agents so that they can gain points from it. Managers can also pick bad calls to point out the things that should not be done on a call.
Performance reviews
Performance reviews are important to the company, as well as to the employees. By analyzing the recordings, management can compare employee progress to company standards. Employees can listen to their own calls, and find out their shortcomings. It is often when you listen to your own calls that you will come to know the mistakes that you have made or that you have to work on your tone to keep it pleasant. Without a call recording system in place, an agent will never be able to listen to his / her own call. This will help them to improve, which means they will be able to improve their score cards. Managers or supervisors will be able to provide them with guidance as well.
Corporate liability
All companies have the potential to face lawsuits. A simple miscommunication can lead to a potential lawsuit. By recording calls, your company will be able to diffuse many such scenarios.
New and old government regulations require all companies to be compliant about their business practices. In the financial sector, you are required to record all verbal communications. Banks, brokers, insurance companies, and other financial companies are constantly monitored and regulated by the government and private entities. Recording calls help to maintain compliance with all these regulatory groups. It will keep you from being prosecuted or fined.
Improved security
If your company has a proper call recording system, it can reduce inappropriate calls, and help to detect any security problems. You can also monitor employee interaction to reduce inappropriate conversations. It will also help to reduce personal phone calls.
All the call centers are required to inform the customer beforehand that the call is getting recorded. One advantage of this is that the customers will refrain from using abusive language on the call. So, basically, a call recording system will help to keep the conversations professional.