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7 Contact Center Software Features to Improve Customer Support


Sure, you have come a long way to set up your business and now customers are pouring in. Sooner than you realise, you will require fully functional contact center software to support the customers.
From the way we see it, you have two choices – either you set up your contact center once you have created an adequate customer base, or you can opt to do so beforehand, so that you are prepared for customer support.
However, in both cases, you will need to conduct an extensive research on the contact center software features that better fit your business. To be true, there are a plethora of features available in the market – almost too much to leave you deeply perplexed!
Don’t be perturbed, we will make this task much uncomplicated for you by breaking down some of the diverse contact center software features. 

  1. ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

Strictly speaking, Automatic Call Distributor is a system that routes incoming calls to the most suitable customer support rep who can handle the caller’s need appropriately. The routing is based on predefined rules that include skill-based routing, FIFO (First-In, First-Out), and call priority. Moreover, ACD can be integrated with CTI and IVR to make customer support process simpler and thereby, prioritize high value customers, use call scripts, and adjust many other functions depending on call flow.

  1. IVRs (Interactive Voice Response systems)

As explained in a previous blog, IVR allows your prospects/customers to serve themselves better by automating the entire calling process.  Once you deploy IVR, a system will be able to interact with humans with the help of touch-tones or speech recognition programs to answer queries, handle requests, or route callers to the right direction. It necessarily removes the need for customers to speak directly to your reps. In other words – IVR is equipped with the technology to attend normal customer queries.

  1. Call Monitoring

This feature is a great way to listen to live calls to get valuable insight on customer’s needs for making informed business decisions. Call recording is usually used to enhance performance of reps and consequently, improve the level of customer support. It is a valuable tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of reps, align individual goal accordingly, and maintain a performance report of reps. Thus, you will be able to increase the overall efficiency and profitability of the contact center.

  1. Call Recording

Contrary to Call Monitoring, this feature allows you to record live calls so that you can listen to them later. Thereby, you will be able to improve quality of the customer support and upgrade necessary skills for reps, capture missed or forgotten details, track key information of customers, and develop customized products/services. Call Recording can also be used specifically for reputation management and regulatory compliance. To be concise, Call Recording is helpful both for reps and contact center managers to track call performance.

  1. Voicemail

One of the most instrumental contact center software features is Voicemail. It lets customers to drop a message for a rep, department or your business, when no one is present at the office premises. Voicemail is particularly useful if you plan to keep your business closed during weekends or public holidays. Often, Voicemail is clubbed with transcription and notifications to transcribe the message and send an email to reps and managers. This helps you to get a written note of the customer’s message, with minimum manual intervention.

  1. Built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

In today’s world, your contact center might of little relevance if you don’t have a Built-in CRM solution. CRM is the go-to tool to help reps store detailed information about the customer including phone number, customer picture, company, address, and other details. With this feature, reps are also able to view the entire call history, call recordings, voicemails and a lot more – all in real time. Your reps can approach the customer accordingly with a host of information available even before picking up the call. Thereby, boosting productivity and enhancing customer experience.

  1. Automatic Screen Pop-outs

If you have a Built-in CRM at your contact center, this feature will display information about the customer as soon as they call. This information can be customized by reps to coincide with the business needs. Automatic Screen Pop-outs allows agents to provide a more personalized experience to customers or prospects, even if they have called you for the first time.
We will return with more Call Center Software Features that you need to take your business to greater heights. In the meanwhile, please let us know if you want us to talk about any specific feature in detail by reaching out to us at Ameyo Emerge. 

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