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9 Deadly Phrases to Avoid in Customer Service and What to Say Instead [Infographic]


In order to provide great customer experience, it’s critical to know just what to say to customers and the best way to say it. Customer service reps often say things or use phrases that make the customers angry and annoyed. Most of the employees probably never even realize that they didn’t treat the customers well and have offended them.  Sometimes they make certain statements out of ignorance and not say things deliberately. And the worst part is that most customers are not going to tell you that were offended by what was said to them. They will just be displeased and might not come back again.
According to a study, nearly 70% of customers quit doing business with an organization because they felt they were treated rudely or with indifference.

This makes it important for customer service professionals to choose their words carefully when dealing with customers. The infographic below from Slicktext, highlights the 9 Deadly Customer Service Phrases to Avoid and What to Say Instead. This will help reps to restore customer relationships and keep the customers happy.

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan


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