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7 Power Customer Service Phrases to Pacify Irate Customers


The present day working professional’s life can be summed up in three words – ‘always caught up’. Whether it is work or life as we know it, Millennials are always running out of time and apparently are in an eternal quest to get the most out of everything.

However, in an unending struggle to ‘gobble up more than you can chew’, we often end up on the wrong side of things, which results in us being angry, irate and frustrated. And god save customer service reps if they happen to call/receive a call from customers when they are already infuriated or get enraged during the call.

The truth is you can’t predict the mood patterns of customers, but thankfully you can pacify them. How? All you have to do is use some phrases and more than half of our job to soothe their nerves will be done. And we know that a pacified customer will hear what you have to say about your company’s products and services.

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So, what are these power customer service phrases you can deploy to pacify irate customers, and how can they be best used? Let us take a detailed look at them.

  1. “I understand your troubles”

At the end of the day, your customers are humans and are bound to breakdown at times. Naturally, you can expect them to vent out their frustration on you over the call. Under these circumstances, the least that customers expect from somebody is to empathize with their situation, and start by saying – “I understand your troubles”. This will help you to build up an instant connection with the customer, and paves way to have a meaningful conversation, rather than a blame-game affair.

  1. “I will certainly try my best to set things right”

While the earlier phrase is a great way to pacify customers, but that is just a start. Sooner than you realize, they will look forward to how you can resolve their issues. This is why you should move to a more constructive tone after you have empathized by stating – “I will certainly try my best to set things right”. This will assure your customer that you will make an earnest effort to attend to their problems.

  1. “If I can’t resolve your concerns, I’ll surely find someone who can”

Yes, customers completely hate if you transfer the call to a different department or rep, but more than that they loathe waiting for you to come up with a solution. Therefore, one of the best power customer service phrases that you can use in this situation is – “If I can’t resolve your concerns, I’ll surely find someone who can”. To further reduce the wait time and increase agent’s productivity, you can also provide them an option of arranging a call back from the right rep/department to sort out issues.

  1. “Here’s what has worked in situations like yours”

Before you provide an infallible solution to pacify customers, you should always try to offer them a use case where other customers have faced similar problems and how your company was able to resolve their problems. Therefore, you can state – “Here’s what has worked in situations like yours”. This will give customers some time to ponder on their situation and also give them a subtle hint that they are not the only ones with problems which can certainly be solved.

  1. “For a speedy resolution, I would request you to…”

Now one thing must be made clear here – you should mutter this phrase only when the customer is making threats or is in a hurry for you to attend their concerns. The request on your part after the end of this phrase would totally depend on the complexity of the situation and you or your company will be best judge of what to offer as a solution. When you use this phrase, you can most likely expect to calm down customers.

  1. “This is what I can do to help you”

Remember how you feel when you get an extra day off from work? That is exactly how your customers feel when you say – “This is what I can do to help you”. They feel relieved and elated all at the same time, as you have been able to provide a much-needed solution to their problems. This phrase is by far the best power customer service phrases to pacify irate customers. However, be mindful to use this phrase only when you have solution(s) ready.

  1. “I am grateful for your patience ”

There will be times when customers are not fully pacified even after reps have been able to provide appropriate solutions to their troubles. This is precisely why you should end the call with – “I am grateful for your patience”. This power phrase might be the last sentence in a call that can turn a disgruntled customer to a loyal one.

  Do you think these power customer service phrases are useful to pacify irate customers? What have been your experiences while handling fuming customers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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