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Agent's Attitude- Plays a Major Role in Customer Service


Customer service is a critical factor for success in a contact center. The main job of a call center agent is to receive calls of the customers and provide an answer to their queries. As an agent, if you fail to attend to your customers or provide service, you will only be left with frustrated customers, who will walk away from you. The staff selection and training processes at most call centers concentrate on the knowledge, experience, efficiency and professionalism of the call center agents. However, there is one thing that matters most when it comes to providing a good customer experience, which is a positive attitude.

Most customers who contact call centers get driven away to competitors because of the negative attitude of the agents who receive their calls. Willingness to help, lots of patience and a friendly and positive attitude are very much necessary when it comes to call center agents. A positive attitude, especially, helps contact center agents not only in attending to customers but also in co-operating with co-workers to achieve the goals of the center. Implementing a gameplan for agent engagement is a powerful approach to inculcate positive attitude among agents. The advantages of a positive attitude are many, some of which are:

  • Better response by Customers: the Positive attitude of a call center agent while talking to customers will help in bringing out the positivity in the customers too. This will help them respond better and it becomes a whole lot easier to work with them. A smile on your face, a warm and friendly greeting and a willingness to serve is the kind of attitude every agent needs to have.
  • Co-operative Customers: Positive attitude in call center agents raises the confidence in customers and makes them feel that their problems will be solved soon. Even if you do have to transfer the customer’s call, the customer will refrain from cribbing about it. He/she will patiently wait till the concerned person attends to his/her call.
  • Customers will be ready to accept alternative solutions: A positive attitude can save you even if you cannot provide a solution to the customer’s problems. Many times, you may have to offer alternative solutions, which may be unacceptable by customers. However, an alternative provided with a good attitude might just do the trick.
  • Positive attitude Increases loyalty in Customers: If you display a good attitude while talking to customers, they will feel like coming back to you again and again. This will help in increasing their loyalty to your company.
  • The right attitude creates a better impression of your company in the minds of your customers: When repeated calls by customers are attended by call center agents who display positive attitudes, it impresses the customers remarkably. This will create a good image of your company in their minds.

The positive attitude of a call center agent definitely gives rise to a good customer experience. This brings them utmost satisfaction. One satisfied customer leads to many new customers and thus more sales and revenue for the company. It not only helps call center agents provide better customer service, but it also improves their efficiency and adds up to their success.

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