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Ameyo Callversations

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7 Steps To Implement Omnichannel Strategy

Why Turkey has Emerged as a Hub of Contact Center Excellence

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Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improve Contact Center Performance?

Unveiling the Hidden Power of Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience

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Customer Service Experience - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Customer Experience Strategy: What is a CX Strategy and Why You Need One

8 Ways Your Competitors use Customer Experience Innovation to Stay Ahead

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Customer Engagement Model: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Build One

7 Winning Customer Engagement Strategies You Can Start Implementing Today

How to Justify the Importance of Customer Experience (CX)

How Ameyo Collect Can Help Streamline Your Collections Process and Improve Efficiency

Customer Experience (CX) vs Customer Service: What They Are and Why They Matter

88 Customer Experience Quotes to Make You Think Differently about CX

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Self-Service Customers: Modern Support Solutions that are Increasingly Feasible

Customer Experience Assessment: Blueprint for Improving CX

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4 Customer Experience Challenges in the Digital Era and How to Overcome Them

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Use these 3 Customer Experience Management Strategies to Supercharge your Business

Customer Engagement Matters More Than Ever in 2017: 4 Strategies for Success

4 Reasons Why Customer Engagement Can't Exist without Analytics

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Embrace These Omnichannel Strategies To Digitally Transform Your Contact Center

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Ameyo (Drishti-Soft Solutions) Receives Honorable Mention in "Gartner Magic Quadrant" for 3rd time in a Row

3 Key Revelations from Kingdom Customer Experience Summit 2017

3 Deadly Mistakes Companies Make While Optimizing Customer Experience

Customer Experience in Middle East: Why CX will Overhaul the Landscape

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Specialized Contact Center Agents vs. Generalized Contact Center Agents: Which is a Worthy Fit?

3 Enlightening Customer Experience Lessons from Apple, Disney and Tesla

Why Customer Experience Should Be the Only Goal that Matters for Brands

5 Lessons Game of Thrones Teaches about Customer Service

Why We Believe in the Voice of Customer, and You Should Too! [Infographic]

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Despite Digital Wave in the Contact Center Technology Space, Voice is Here to Stay – What Next?

Asia Vows to CX Memories, a monumental shift in Customer Service

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6 Benefits that make a Compelling Case for Cloud Based Call Center Software

How to Carve the Best CX Memories under Mounting Expectations in APAC

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How to foster Customer Engagement in a Hyper Connected World

Top Eight Keys Of Contact Center Software

3 Great Ways WebRTC can benefit IT Infrastructure

CX Memories is the Cornerstone for Awe-Inspiring Customer Service

Top 5 Customer Experience Trends that will Rule the Roost in 2017

How to Create Awesome CX Memories with Delightful Experiences

Why Customer Interaction Management Software can Benefit E-Commerce Manifold

How Customer Retention Strategies can Increase your Brand Loyalty [Infographic]

Foolproof Customer Engagement Strategies for 2017

Simplicity: How to Avoid Customer Confusion in Omnichannel Customer Experience

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4 Tools Everyone In The Customer Experience Industry Should Be Using

Stroll Down Memory Lane - The History of Customer Service

Hop in to the Future of Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

9 Things that are Required to Please Your Customers

Most Promising Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategies and Trends [Infographic]

3 Top Reasons Live Chat Makes Your Contact Center More Resourceful

5 Ways to Enhance First Call Resolution

How to Transform your Business with Digital Customer Service

5 Mistakes to Avoid while Integrating Customer Journey into E-Commerce

Age of Omnichannel: 4 Mediums Customers Prefer Most These Days

5 Benefits of Using Call Disposition Codes in Contact Centers

Ameyo Brings Home the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Customer Contact Infrastructure Price / Performance Value Leadership Award

9 Deadly Phrases to Avoid in Customer Service and What to Say Instead [Infographic]

Why Contact Centers can Race Ahead with Predictive Analytics

3 Ways IoT Supplements Better Customer Experience

Clutched with Spikes in Call Volume: Manage it Now

How to Calculate Cost per Call in a Contact Center

API (Application Programming Interface) 101 for Customer Experience

How Emotions Play a Vital Role to Fuel Customer Loyalty

Why Do We Definitely Need Contact Centers [Infographic]

5 Common Omnichannel Customer Service Mistakes that you Must Avoid

5 Dumbest Things Call Center Agents do to Irk Customers

5 Key Advantages of Universal Queue in Call Center

Your Guide for Unlocking the Right Answers to Customer Experience

The Startup Handbook to Effective Customer Service and Sales [Free Ebook]

Top Call Center Performance Trends you need to know in 2017

Think You're Cut Out For Doing Customer Experience? Take This Quiz

7 Popular Contact Center Misconceptions And the Truth About Them

The Six Laws of Customer Experience [Infographic]

5 Top Customer Service Trends Driving Growth in Contact Centers

Why You Should Pay Heed to Customer Journey to Better Customer Experience?

Will Robots be the God of Customer Service in the years to come?

How Contact Center Technology is Revolutionizing the Car Rental Industry

What the Future of Customer Experience will Look Like

5 Easy Ways to Better Customer Engagement for Millennials

7 Ways to Build a Customer-Friendly Contact Center

The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in Logistics Industry [FREE Ebook]

All about First Response Time and How to Reduce it

5 Dubious Myths About Customer Experience Debunked

Ameyo Brings Home the Contact Center Technology Award for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Customer Acquisition Vs. Customer Retention - A Detailed Analysis [Infographic]

5 Perfect Customer Acquisition Strategies that will save you Big Bucks!

Don't Ignore App Feedback while boosting Customer Engagement

Team Ameyo travelled 25,000 Kms in 1 week to spread awareness around Customer Engagement for Businesses

The Ultimate Guide to Build a Modernized and Future-Ready Contact Center [Free Ebook]

Why Insurance needs Omnichannel Customer Experience at the earliest

Transitioning from a Legacy Contact Center - Do it. Now.

Ameyo to Display its Powerful Omnichannel Solution at eCommerce Show Philippines 2016

8 Top Customer Experience Trends in 2016 [Infographic]

Contact Center Wallboard - Enhancing Performance With A Touch of Technology

Ameyo adds iMarque Solutions to its growing client base

The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in Travel & Hospitality Industry [FREE Ebook]

7 Ways Employee Engagement Tactics Will Up Call Center Quality

7 Steps to Launch a Rewarding Social Media Customer Service Program

How Video Can Be a Breakthrough in Interactive Customer Service

The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry [FREE Ebook]

How Great Customer Service can Elevate Business in E-commerce [Infographic]

Your Guide to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 101

5 Videos that show Omnichannel is Rejigging Shopping Forever

The Real Cost of Contact Center Agent Turnover

The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in Banking Industry [FREE Ebook]

Top 4 Lessons Pokemon Go has provided in Customer Engagement

How the Logistics Industry can Leverage a Digital Call Center

Customer Service And Social Media : The Fail And The Fix [Infographic]

Ameyo Extends Contact Center Technology and Unified Communications on Cloud with Microsoft Azure

5 Biggest Customer Service Failures that will Cost your Business

8 Call Routing Strategies to Improve your Customer Experience

Ameyo to innovate IT practices at the 17th CIO and Leader Conference, Goa

The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in eCommerce sector [FREE Ebook]

7 Ways to Make your IVR More Customer-Friendly

How to Track Customer Behaviour Changes with 3 Foolproof Techniques

How to Choose the Right Contact Center Technology [Free Whitepaper]

Why Analytics is the New Way Ahead to Better Customer Engagement

7 Best Call Center Agent Scheduling Practices to Up Performance

5 Reasons Why Customers Hate Calling Contact Centers

Contact Center Performance Management - Maintaining Motivation Through the 'Inflection Point'

How to Make the Transition to a Customer-Centric Organization

Why Great Customer Service is the Way Ahead for Business Success [Infographic]

How to Ensure Customer Data Protection in Testing Times

The Era of Mobile Customer Service - Why Should You Consider it?

5 Signs your Omnichannel Customer Experience Strategy Sucks

The Top Five Obstacles to Customer Centricity

The Science Behind Chatbots Being a Mammoth Opportunity

5 Ways to Create Personalised Customer Experience

10 Social Media Secrets to Turn Unhappy Customers into Superstars for Your Brand

How to Better Understand Customers with Speech Analytics

'Brexit' And What It Might Hold For Contact Centers

How Social Media can be Used to Steer Brand Advocacy

Digitizing Contact Center: Things you Should Care About

"Top 10 Telephone Skills to be your Customers’ Favorite"

5 Top Reasons Why Loyal Customers Desert a Brand

5 Ways to Improve Call Quality Monitoring Practices

Making the move from Multichannel to Omnichannel Contact Center

Why You Should Rethink Your Social Customer Service Strategy [Infographic]

15 Ways to Deliver Amazing E-commerce Customer Service

A 10 Step Guide to Plan the Gen-Next Customer Engagement Hub

Why Call Tracking is Gaining Spotlight in Contact Centers

Top 10 Call Center Quality Assurance Best Practices

Enhancing Customer Experience through Contact Center Analytics

6 Most Prevalent Call Center Mistakes and How to Fix' em

Outbound Call Center Software to Your Agent’s Rescue

10 Phone Tips to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service [Infographic]

Call Routing - Let Me Connect You To The 'Right Department'

Drishti-soft Solutions (Ameyo) Receives Honorable Mention in "Gartner Magic Quadrant" for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide

How Computer Telephony Integration Can Breathe Life Back in Call Centers

A Quick Walk-Through the 6 Stages of Customer Lifecycle

Ameyo Exhibits New World of Customer Engagement at MECC' 2016

Customer Effort Score or NPS: Which is the Best Metric for Customer Experience?

6 Easy Approaches to Exceed Expectations in Customer Service

Ameyo to Showcase its New Customer Experience Revolution at the BFSI India Conclave 2016

How to Boost Customer Rapport over Online And Social Media

5 Attributes that Define Strong Brands in Customer Engagement [Infographic]

Unleash the Power of Omnichannel Customer Experience in BPOs

5 Pre-Requisites For Optimizing Self Service Customer Experience Strategy

5 Ted Talks to Derive Remarkable Customer Service Lessons

Authentic Call Center vs Revolutionary Contact Center - How to Bargain?

Why Proactive Customer Service is the Best Way Forward

What if Call Center Agents Could be Free-spoken on Calls?

Predictive Dialers - Great Power, Great Responsibility

4 Ways Big Data can Enhance Financial Firms’ Customer Service Level

6 Merits of Automatic Call Distributor You Might Not Know

8 Best Practices for An All Inclusive Call Center Training

4 Reasons Why You Need to Rethink Your Customer Service Strategy

Why There is No Escape from Listening to your Customers [Infographic]

12 Things Call Center Agents Need to Know About Changes in Customer Behavior

Why Omnichannel Contact Center is Constructive for your Business

5 Great Ideas to Manage Customer Engagement Like Never Before

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common IT Automation Pitfalls

5 Cross-selling and Upselling best practices for Contact Centers

9 Crucial Reasons Why Call Center Agents Prefer to Leave Their Workplace

How to Increase Productivity Of Call Center Agents

How The Future Of Contact Centers Would Look Like? [Infographic]

All you need to know about Omnichannel Customer Experience

6 Plausible Ways to Tell Call Center Agents They’re Not Doing a Good Job

How to Increase Your Remote Call Center Agent's Productivity?

How to Budget for Enterprise Software

How a Better Working Environment Increases Agent Retention In Call Centers?

Why Video Chat Can do a World of Good to Contact Centers

Difference between Omni-channel and Multi-channel Customer Service

7 Resolutions For CIOs To Take In 2016

How Bad Customer Experience is Eating Your Revenue [Infographic]

April Fool’s Day: How to Save A Call Center from Prank Calls

How Virtual Reality will give Customer Experience a Facelift

5 Contact Center Benefits of Customer Lifetime Value

Why Call Back Beats Putting Customers on Hold, Hands Down!

7 Quotes That Will Make Call Center Agents Strive For More

4 Ways Big Data Potential Can Detangle Customer Service Conundrums

5 Motivational Videos To Boost Your Customer Service Efficiency

StartMySafari Ltd boosts their Business Performance by Deploying Ameyo Contact Center Solution

What you should know about Contact Center Benchmarking

The ‘Element X’ of Customer Service to Garner Happy Customers

Will E-Commerce & Customer Service mean Shopping’s Sad Demise?

Customer Experience Statistics Which Will Impact Your Business in 2016

Will Chat and Messaging soon take over Phone in Customer Service?

5 Tips to Follow to Ace in the Game of Customer Loyalty

Why Call Centers & Phone Support are far from Being Dead [Infographic]

India's leading Job Portal chooses Ameyo to drive their Recruitment Center Operations

What if Your Worst Customer Service Nightmares Were True?

Women Workforce - In ‘Her’ Shoes

How Technology is Elevating Customer Experience in Cab Services

7 Power Customer Service Phrases to Pacify Irate Customers

How Customized Offers are Ruling the Roost In Travel And Tourism

6 Reasons to upgrade your existing Call Center Software

How to Modernize Your Interactive Voice Response Experience?

Do it like Dilbert – 20 Reasons Why Customer Service is an Amusing Job

Unravel The Most Common Customer Service Misconceptions

Top 10 Call Center Metrics For Your Contact Center

Top Ways to Optimize Call Center Occupancy Rate

How to Deploy Customer Service Empathy to Fix Their Spirit

How to Excel at Customer Complaint Handling Like a Pro

Why Coaching Call Center Agents is Critical for your Business

Customer Preferences You Must Pay Heed to Better Your Business [Infographic]

Omnichannel Commerce: Making Customer Experience the New Competitive Advantage [Free Whitepaper]

Ameyo Launches New Cloud Call Center Software for Emerging Businesses in India

7 Ways to Be Your Customer’s Valentine and Excel at Customer Service

Ameyo to showcase its ecommerce expertise at Techcircle India Ecommerce Summit, 2016

Decode the True Value of Customer Loyalty [Infographic]

Call Center Gamification - No More a Fad but an Elemental Prerequisite

5 Tips for a Fool-proof Call Center Audit

Mobile Commerce: A Colossal Shift in Consumer Behavior

Why Investing in Customer Experience is Indispensable for your Brand [Infographic]

Call Center Bloopers Which Drive Your Customers Insane!

5 Customer Service Strategies to Better Serve Millennials

How to Choose Best Customer Support Solution at the first go [Infographic]

5 Factors to Consider in Assessing your Inbound Call Center Software

Customer Experience Management - A Complete Solution For Brand Building

7 Tips To Reduce Customer Escalations

Meet the Millennials aka The New Gen Call Center Agents

Industries that receive maximum Customer Service Complaints [Infographic]

How to Redefine Telecom Customer Service with Contact Center Tech

Contact Center in Retail: Your Code to Bust Common Challenges

Seven Must Have Customer Service Skills

Advantages of Flexible IP-Based Contact Center Software

Al Ansari deploys Ameyo Contact Center Technology to streamline Customer Support

This is what Social Media Integration can do to Contact Centers [Infographic]

Setting up Call Recording? Time to Consider these Laws

How to Deal with Irate Customers on Social Media

Save your Call Center from being Killed by Customer on Hold

How Social Support Strategies can help you Improve your Customer Service? [Infographic]

A Look Back at the Top 10 Call Center Blog Posts of 2015

7 Tips to Get the Most out of Your ACD Routing System

How to Ensure Call Center Agents are Not a Bunch of Jon Snows?

30 Must Know Call Center Terminologies

Season’s Greetings for Call Center Customers

Why the Big Bang of IoT and Contact Centers is Inevitable?

Adapting in the Social Media World: 4 Ways to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of IVR

Key Ingredients of Call Center Agent Training Program

8 Phrases to be Avoided by Call Center Agents during a Customer Support Call [Infographic]

Must Have Features of a Call Center CRM

Call Center Outsourcing – A Wise Choice or an Attractive Gamble?

Why Customer Retention is Equally Significant as Customer Acquisition?[Infographic]

7 Contact Center Trends for 2016 [Free Ebook]

5 Easy Tips to Optimize Your IVR for Superior Customer Engagement

7 Ways to Improve your Call Center Quality

5 Reasons why Call Recording is Imperative for Your Contact Center

15 Ways to Provide Excellent Customer Service [Infographic]

Why Call Center Managers should focus more on Call Disposition Codes?

How to leverage CRM solutions in your Contact Center

5 Optimum Methods to Reduce your Call Center Cost

How Well Do you Know Your Customer? [Infographic]

How to Improve the Call Center Data Quality [infographic]

5 Reasons to Implement Voice Broadcasting in your Call Centers

Key Considerations of Customer Effort Score as a Business Metric

4 Crucial Benefits of Call Tracking

How Prepared is your Business for these Customer Service Trends?[Infographic]

7 Types of Customer Experience Projects You Need to Know

Best Practices to Optimize Ecommerce Returns [Infographic]

How to Improve Schedule Adherence in Call Centers

Theeb Rent A Car Joins Hands With Ameyo to Expand its Customer Support Operations

How Expensive is Bad Customer Service for your Business?[Infographic]

5 Ways to optimize Agent Idle Time in a Call Center

5 Customer Engagement Strategies to improve Retention

Ameyo Showcasing its Technological Expertise at CeBIT-INDIA 2015, Bengaluru

How Quality Customer Service can drive your Business Growth

5 Customer Service Trends That Will Shape Our Future

Why Contact Centers should push for Stronger Customer Engagement [Infographic]

5 Best Practices for Call Center Agents to Build Strong Customer Rapport

Secrets to Power up your B2B Customer Onboarding Process [Infographic]

6 Best Practices in Quality Monitoring for Call Centers

Ameyo Receives 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Customer Value Enhancement Award

Best Practices to Monitor Customer Churn Rate [Infographic]

5 Best Practices for Call Center Management

5 Customer Service Myths Busted [Infographic]

10 Ways to Prevent Call Center Agent Burnout

7 Advantages of Implementing CTI in a Contact Center

How Call Center Services benefits the Healthcare providers

The 7 Golden Rules of Call Center Agent Training

Tips for a Stronger Customer Engagement in the Digital Age

Top 10 Predictive Dialer Must-Haves

15 Difficult Customers tackled by Call Center Agents [Infographic]

Top Contact Center Technology Trends for E-commerce in 2016

How Contact Center Technology is Fueling the New Age Automotive Industry

25 Universal Must-Have Customer Service Skills [Infographic]

How Social Media Impacts Customer Service in Logistics

TinyOwl Joins Hands with Ameyo to Boost its Food Ordering Processes

40 Inspiring Customer Satisfaction Quotes to Boost Employee Morale

10 Reasons Behind Call Center Agent Burnout

10 Ways to Reduce Call Center Attrition and Improve Agent Engagement

Customer Experience Facts You Can't Ignore [Infographic]

10 Ways to Reduce Average Handle Time in a Contact Center

Tips for Call Center Agents to Deal with Difficult Customers

7 Worst Contact Center Practices that leads to Bad Customer Experience

Top 5 Challenges Call Center Managers Face Today

How IVR Reduces Cost and Gains Productivity for the Business

30 Significant Contact Center and Customer Service Statistics

Top 5 Skills Your Customer Service Team Needs

Become the Master of Customer Experience [Infographic]

Customer Satisfaction as a Key Business Metric

A Comprehensive List of Do’s and Don’ts for Call Center Agents

15 Phrases that your Call Center Agents should Never Use

4 Tips to Transform your Contact Center into a Profit Center

Ameyo Honored with 2015 CUSTOMER Magazine TMC Labs Innovation Award

Essential Workforce Management Capabilities [Whitepaper]

7 Powerful Success Strategies for Live Chat Agents

Top Attributes of an Outstanding Call Center Agent

6 ways Motivation Helps in Reducing Call Center Attrition

6 Tips to Improve the Productivity of Your Call Center Agents

How Call Monitoring and Scoring Helps Contact Center Agents

Vembu Technologies Selects Ameyo to Power Smarter Customer Experiences

8 Benefits of Call back Technology for your Contact Center

5 Ways Customer Engagement Solutions Help Hotels Deliver The Perfect Guest Experience

5 Signs that Shout "You Need a Call Center Software!!"

5 Ways to Eliminate Call Abandonments in your Contact Center

CCSNL Selects Ameyo Predictive Dialer to Power their Telemarketing Campaigns

Ameyo Bags the 2015 Contact Center Technology Award for the Fourth Consecutive Year

What Not To Do During Your First Customer Support Call?

Can IVR replace Live Agents - Dial Zero to Speak to a Representative

7 Habits of Highly Successful Call Center Managers

Is CRM a Contact Center Software?

Ameyo Raises $5 million - Targets Cloud Contact Center and Sales Acceleration Technology space

6 Key Contact Center Software Elements for Travel and Hospitality

3 Ways to Improve your Customer Service in Healthcare

5 Ways Power Dialer can Help you Close More Deals

6 Key Call Center Metrics for E-commerce Business

How Insurance Companies can Benefit from IVR Software

How Proactive Customer Service Mints Money for Banks

Ameyo implements the First of its Kind Contact Center for Visually Impaired Workforce

What are the Root Causes of Bad Customer Service?

10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating your Call Center Software

Quick Tips: How Not to Annoy your Customers with a Predictive Dialer

Top Contact Center Technology Trends of 2015

Savaari Car Rentals Chooses Ameyo to Spearhead Customer Journey

Contact Center Technologies - Go Digital or Die

Quick Tips: How to Reduce Call Abandonment Rates

Top Call Center KPIs to Monitor and Watch for Success

TaxiForSure Expands its Customer Support Operations with Ameyo Contact Center Technology

How do Great Call Center Managers Create Happy Working Environment

Call Center Optimization Guide to Power Up your Customer Engagements [Free Ebook]

5 Questions You Must Ask Call Center Agent Applicants

Eco Rent a Car selects Ameyo to Streamline its Reservation Process

Top TCPA Lawsuits of 2014 and How Companies Could Have Avoided Them

Ec3 Selects Ameyo to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

8 ways Social Media has changed Customer Service

7 Proven Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution

Technology feeding the starving Food Delivery space

Ameyo Receives Honorable Mention in "2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant" for Contact Center Infrastructure

Ameyo Announces Strategic Partnership with Tawasol to address Contact Center Technology Needs and Enhance Customer Engagement in Saudi Arabia

4 Factors that led Automotive Industry to Focus on Customer Engagement

Gartner Market Share Analysis Report Features Ameyo among the Top 10 Contact Center Solution Providers in the APAC region for 2014

Beginner's Guide to Contact Center Management [Free Ebook]

Logistics and Distribution is a Customer Service Business

Is Self-Service an Alternative to Live Call Center Agent support?

Ameyo Selected Amongst Top 50 Indian Software Products by InTech50

Pepperfry Chooses Ameyo to Supply Seamless Customer Experience

6 Ways Call Recordings help Coach Call Center Agents

Voice Broadcasting for Insurance Companies

AutoPortal.com Chooses Ameyo to Pioneer the Automotive Portal Industry

8 Ways to Reduce Cost-per-Call in a Contact Center

Delhivery Selects Ameyo to Drive Customer Engagement Across the Nation

Importance of Personalizing Ecommerce Customer Experience

Mango Routes, a travel service enterprise deploys Ameyo to streamline their customer interaction processes

15 Call Center Management Software Must-Haves

Ameyo powers Secure Meters to reinforce customers’ perception about service quality with top-of-the-line Contact center Technology

How Contact Centers Should Use Technology to Benefit Customers

Predictive Dialer versus Power Dialer

AMEYO features in “The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, 2015” in the Contact Center Infrastructure and APAC Region CRM Application Software Specialists space

How Does a Predictive Dialer Help Your ROI?

How Gamification Boosts Call Center Performance

Ameyo helps Cegura Technologies Expand its Customer Reach by powering the BPO’s Contact Center

How is the Omni-channel Reality affecting the Banking Industry?

8 IVR Software Optimization Techniques of Fortune 500 Companies

7 Common IVR software mistakes you should Avoid

Unpredictable Customer Traffic-Top Most Challenge of a Contact Center

How to Build and Train Your Customer Service Team

Re-Architecting Your Contact Center

Guidelines for building a Smart IVR

Customer Engagement Solutions to Win Back Lost Customers

Role of Contact Centers in the Growth of SMEs

Your Customers are Demanding Omni-Channel Communications. Are you Game?

Top Contact Center Trends for 2015

5 E-commerce Customer Experience Strategies for Competitive Advantage

5 ways for Banks to Deliver Personalized Customer Service

Agent's Attitude- Plays a Major Role in Customer Service

Providing Live Support Improves Customer Satisfaction in Insurance

4 Most Familiar Call Center Problems You Must Avoid

Enriching Mobile Customer Experience in E-commerce

Turning Customer Service into Customer Collaboration

Excellent Customer Service Helps E-commerce Websites Reduce Product Returns

How Insurance Agents Can Build Long-term Customer Relationships

5 Helpful Tips to Improve Telephone Etiquette in Customer Service

Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Multi-Channel Platforms in Real Estate

Ameyo Call Center Software Integration with Freshdesk

Why Insurance Firms Should Go Omni-Channel

Customer Service in Real Estate can Set you Apart from Competition

5 E-commerce Challenges and How to Overcome them

How You Can Build Stronger Customer Relationships in Real Estate

Drishti-soft Solutions listed in The Deloitte 2014 Technology Fast 500

How to deal with Frustrated Customers in a Call Center?

Adding Customer experiences to Telecommunications

10 Most Common Customer Frustrations that Every Call Center Should Avoid

Live Chat: A Powerful Tool, Not just a Widget

5 Strategies to Achieve First Call Resolution

5 Reasons You Should Aim for First Call Resolution

3 Quick Tips to Delivering Customer Service to their Preferred Channels

20 Eye-Opening Customer Service Quotes

Rebranding 101: Lessons to Learn from Clear Channel’s New Name

Greatest Source of Customer Insights- Complaints

Social Media Monitoring-Basics

Demystifying Digital Channels with Call Center Software

Personalized Customer Engagement: Getting Started

Gameplan for Agent Engagement

Employing Six Sigma in Contact Centers

How to Extinguish a Social Media Wildfire

Like Gladiators- Get out There and Do It!!!

Power up Customer Service in Healthcare

A Flawless Customer Retention Strategy-II

A Flawless Customer Retention Strategy-I

Tips on Improving your Customer Experience

5 Business Process Management Strategies for Contact Centers

How to Choose the Right Call Center Software

How Great Cab Services Deliver Smiles

Customer Experience as a Business Strategy

A Call Center Solution that Delivers on its Promises

Understanding the Customer of 2014

Tech Bamboo-Give it or Take it!

Have you lost customers because you put them on hold?

Identifying Critical Issues Before They Become Crises

Satisfying Customers with Multichannel Communication

What Celebrities Teach us About Social Media Marketing

Welcome to the New Year!

Leverage Reporting and Analytics to Enrich Customer Experience

Tis the Season to Be Jolly!

IVR to the Agents Rescue!

Is Your Company Liked on Facebook?

How to Market Your Product Without Really Marketing

How to Prepare for the Holiday Travel Bug

Nelson Mandela and a Life of Greatness

5 Ways to Make Customers Come Back for More

Does the Holiday Season Excuse Bad Customer Service?

Multichannel Communication: The Power of Chat

Customer Service Tip: Use Customers to Sell Your Products

IVRS: Friend or Foe?

How Emergency Services and Contact Centers Save Lives

5 Marketing Strategies to Win More Customers

Importance of Seamless Functioning in Front and Back Offices

How to Crack the Customer Code

Age of the Smartphone and Mobile VAS Is Here

Innovation Is at the Heart of Everything

The Invention of Future Technologies

Happy Holidays: Celebrating the Festival of Diwali

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage in Contact Centers

Throwback Thursday: Old Contact Centers vs. New

Cross-Functional Training to Improve Business Understanding

High Call Traffic? Use a Robust Call Handling Solution

Personal Data Protection: Singapore to Enforce DNC Registry

Reinvent Your Products, Just Like Superman

Innovation as a Way of Life: Keep on Creating!

Workforce Management: The Importance of Team Dynamics

6 Ways to Improve Collections and Payment of Dues

How CRM Saves the Day in Hospitals

7 Strategies to Improve Profitability in Customer Facing Organizations

Customer Satisfaction: How Charlie Chaplin Did It

Better Education through Online Chats and Calls

Contact Center Essentials: A Robust Reporting Tool

Drishti-Soft Wins the Deloitte Technology Fast50 India 2013 Award

Best Quality Monitoring Tools in Contact Centers

Workforce Management: Have You Gone on a Holiday Yet?

The Story of Successful E-Commerce Customer Experiences

Great Tips from the Hotel Industry on Customer Service

Three Ways to Retain Customer Loyalty in Consumer Electronics

Outsourcing HR: How to Save Operational Costs

So You Answered the Call, What Next?

It All Comes Down to Really Fantastic Customer Satisfaction

Great Leadership Tips from Fast & the Furious Movies

The Tough Job of Selling Insurance

How Intelligent Is Your Auto Dialer?

Open Source for Business: Think Again

Ways to Reduce Abandoned Calls in the Contact Center

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Entrepreneurship in Africa: Are You There Yet?

South America: The Rising BPO Destination

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