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Ameyo Celebrates CX Wonder Women This International Women’s Day  


Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic characters by DC comics, first introduced in 1941. Since then, the character has had immense cultural significance by becoming the face of feminist movements and symbol of women’s achievement from different walks of life. So, this International Women’s Day, we have borrowed the image of the celebrated superhero to acknowledge the achievements of Women in the customer experience (CX) space.Wonder woman feel it is her “sacred duty to defend the world” and these Women CX leaders have taken upon themselves to disrupt the customer experience landscape with their commitment and constant self-improvement.

Women In CX

Ashwag Bahha, Chief Care Officer, Jawwy

With many firsts to her credit, Ashwag introduced the quality assurance concept with an all woman team. She also introduced voice of customer programme to improve customer service department. Most recently, she spearheaded the very first Digital Customer Operations in Saudi Arabia. Her achievements make her CX Wonder Woman.

Azra Thobani, Head of Service Excellent, Diamond Trust Bank

A lustrous career spanning over 12 years, Azra Thobani is a customer experience evangelist who is focused to deliver world-class CX to the banking customers of Diamond Trust Bank. Her team describes her as a very driven and self motivated person and for her customer experience is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Seema Dhanani Desouza, CX Head, Commerical Bank of Africa

She firmly believes that delivering above and beyond CX super hero style cannot be achieved alone. Seema credits her sidekick, her team and agents who work like ninjas’ in the background so that they can respond to the customers quickly, handle multiple customer transaction , read customers mind by taking context from previous conversations.

She also credits her success as CX head to her very supportive husband. To put things in perceptive, a great team and a strong support system makes her CX Wonder woman.

Dipti Sepatnekar , Director, Terragni Consulting

Ease and happiness are two main ingredients of great customer experience solution. This is what Dipti from Terragni Consulting firmly believes. Another CX leader to credit her team, according to her great customer experience solution is a product of passion, commitment, focus and continual learning.

Jyoti Tadikonda, VP Customer Experience, Suryoday Small Finance Bank

Cross channel customer experience strategy is something that has to be implemented on the ground. For Jyoti, great customer experience is an outcome of keeping the customer promise, rewarding the customers, acknowledging employees and accountability.

With the inclusion of more women in the workforce, they are steadily reaching to decision making position. The CX domain is no exception to that rule. As we move ahead in time, our work place is going to be more inclusive and representative.