Ameyo Emerge and Freshdesk Integration – The Why and How of it

Ameyo Emerge and Freshdesk Integration For businesses grappling with customer experience and agent experience, it is almost a daily struggle to deal with customers who have very less attention spans and are not patient enough to share details such as email id or order id. Thankfully, Ameyo Emerge and Freshdesk have come to the rescue of such businesses!
By combining the power of Ameyo Emerge and Freshdesk, organizations can radically improve how they serve their customers. Ameyo Emerge has simplified the integration that combines the strength of out-of-the-box products. Make life easier and more efficient for your agents Freshdesk is a great tool to help your business maintain and strengthen customer relationships. In a normal scenario (without integration), call center agents receive a call, ask the caller details and thereafter, manually enter information into Freshdesk, while the customer is on the call. This inefficient process can result in confusion, disorganization and a decline in customer experience. The Ameyo Emerge-Freshdesk integration will by far resolve these issues, by increasing the agent’s efficiency and saving time to switch between two applications. Agents would be now able to create and update tasks without ever leaving the Freshdesk application. Ameyo Emerge has now combined the power of our call center software, with the functionality of your favourite helpdesk solution. So, let us talk about the various benefits of this integration in great detail: 1. Readily available caller profile information Ameyo Emerge retrieves all of the customer information from Freshdesk (name, company, job title, contact number, email, address etc). As the phone rings, comprehensive information about the caller is displayed. All previous tickets and phone interactions will automatically be displayed in one interface. An agent can select the ticket that he needs to work on, or create a new ticket from the Freshdesk interface. freshdesk and emerge 2. Create and close the tickets from one interface Ameyo Emerge also retrieves the caller’s previous interactions (tickets) with your business from the Freshdesk application. Henceforth, agents can create a new ticket or update an existing ticket, on a single interface, and reap the benefits of both the applications.

emerge and freshdesk

3. Two way synchronization This feature allows agents to update information on Freshdesk. Thereafter, information on Ameyo Emerge about the customer will automatically be updated. Agents can update information such as disposition codes. Agents can work on the Freshdesk interface without having to go to the Ameyo Emerge tool bar to dispose the call. ameyo emerge freshdesk synchronization 4. Click to Dial The Click to Dial functionality helps agents to call customers directly from the Freshdesk interface by clicking on the phone number. Agents don’t have to copy and paste the number from Freshdesk to Ameyo Emerge to dial the numbers. This helps the agents to remain on the Freshdesk interface and never waste time in dialing the numbers.