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Ameyo Product Updates: New Features, New Commitments


Enterprises that center their business processes around customer experience and customer engagement strategies are often more successful than those which don’t. With a focus on enriching the customer experience, they need to stay responsive to the customer’s changing demands. With a plethora of options in their hands, customers look for faster and easier solutions to their problems.

Businesses need to operationalize customer-centricity across each level and deliver the desired customer experience in a jiffy. Realizing the fact, customer-facing organizations are now transforming the way they connect and communicate with their customers. This calls for a perfect customer engagement platform that is adaptive to the growing market needs.

At Ameyo, we choose to invest in the right set of technology to enable our customers to keep up with the customer service standards. Every update that we introduce in our product(s) is aimed to free our users from tech challenges and glitches and to ensure that customer journeys are made absolutely hassle-free. A number of interesting features are making their entry into Ameyo’s Enterprise-grade platform in GA 4.7 release. Scroll down to see what’s new!

User-Level Privileges for Customer Data Access

Businesses often want to specify users-level privileges to prevent data from getting corrupted and authorize the users as per the role requirement. Moving a step ahead in this direction, Ameyo would now have options in administrator panel to grant restrictive access to agents with campaign level authorizations to edit/read customer data. The admin would be able to pick and choose customer data fields at the campaign level, that he/she wants to assign to agents to have Read/Write privileges for each column, ensuring accuracy and consistency of data.

Strategize Auto-Dialing based on Customer interactions

When the dialing takes place in siloed campaigns, businesses face challenges while supporting the calling process for multiple products/campaigns. This often ends up with customers getting disgruntled with repetitive calls for multiple products. Fragmented customer records and lead dialing information across multiple campaigns become a blocker in lead nurturing and lead’s journey.

Let’s say Jane is being followed-up for Credit Card Sales and Home Loan Sales in two different campaigns, respectively. When called by Credit Card Telecaller, if Jane opts to be called after 5days as she is on travel, she should not receive any call for Home Loans as well.

Let’s say in a different scenario in the insurance campaigns, customers would prefer to get in conversation with the rep they are already in touch with, as the rep would know their exact requirements better. In this case, as well, the previous dialing state is to be retained.

Keeping a close eye on these pain points of the CC Industry, Ameyo would now support the sharing of dialing state of a user across the campaigns in a process to deliver a glitch-free and seamless user experience.

Voice Agent App to serve on the go

Recently a survey was held by Salesforce which revealed that as much as 51% of customer service teams use mobile apps to align with their customer’s expectations. Chaining customer service reps to their desks not only reduces their productivity and flexibility but also hampers 24/7 support deliverability of businesses.

Mobile apps leverage contact center businesses with instant access to interactive customer engagement. Bringing Ameyo’s Voice to the user’s fingertips, Ameyo now has Voice Agent Mobile App to serve customer calls on the go. With the help of this app, Ameyo users would be able to connect via inbound/outbound calls, view/schedule callbacks, view call history, and manage their presence- all in one app!

Target an Optimized Call Quality Monitoring

According to a call center survey conducted by Statista in 2018, 39% of customer service leaders worldwide stated that they possess an optimized level of quality assurance process while 46% are still in the development stage. Customer service leaders need a hassle-free, easy to track and access call quality monitoring process relevant to their business needs. With thousands of call recordings in hand, tracking and scoring calls gets overwhelming. The common challenge here is identifying the calls and faster retrieval of search results.

Let’s say a quality analyst in an E-Commerce organization would want to retrieve calls for buyers with a spending limit of more than X amount during the sale days. Ensuring a prime service to such customers and nothing goes amiss in their experience is the real objective behind setting up this team. Doing this search manually is like finding the needle in a haystack.

To ease out the search in such scenarios, Ameyo now offers advanced search on voice logs/call recordings based on 5 customer attributes at a time (which can be extended to max 10). The fields for the search can be enabled from the admin panel as per the business requirements. To enhance the experience further and to save the supervisor/QA’s time, these searches will work in the background and the user would be able to perform other tasks at the same time.


These are just a few of the big updates from our recent generally available version 4.7. There is a lot more to it. With a commitment to become an enterprise-grade customer service leader, we are not gonna stop here. Stay tuned, we will be coming up next with some other exciting features to transform your customer experience!


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