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After a massive response in Ghana and Kenya, Ameyo is all set to encourage modern contact centers in Zambia and Zimbabwe! Bringing together the industry experts and businesses looking out for improvement in their existing call center setup, Conversations’19 aims to spread proven customer engagement strategies, trends, and technologies across the geographies. 

With years of experience in the call center industry, Ameyo understands the significant areas that your business needs to work on to achieve the desired revenue. The key to success is satisfied customers; we build solutions that empower you to create improved customer journeys for more satisfied customers. 

What’s in for you?

Conversations’19 is for you if you would like to:

  • Transform your call center from only Voice to Omni-channel interactions
  • Improve your existing voice-based call center with enhanced call handling rate and efficient dialing capabilities

While voice is still a predominant channel for customer service and telesales, young and dynamic customers are now inclining more towards other interaction channels- Email, Social Media, Web Chat, and SMS through platforms such as WhatsApp. To provide seamless customer service through all these channels, you need to understand your customers’ expectations. 

Also, for voice-only call centers, we’ve got some major touch points around modern and competitive dialers, such as Predictive Dialers, Progressive Dialers, and Preview Dialers which are built to provide high-end proficiency with automated call handling and smart dialing capabilities in inbound as well as outbound call center operations. 



Major takeaways from the panel discussion

  • Understanding customers and their changing expectations
  • Modernized and technology-driven contact center, from idea to action
  • The challenge of improved customer engagement in the evolving call center industry
  • Proven strategies to opt for the right contact center solution for your business
  • Advanced reporting and analytics to keep a stringent check on business productivity
  • Moving to unconventional chat channels like WhatsApp

Hear from our Speakers

Thought leaders Daniel Mpolokoso- Technical Director at Zaktech Solutions Ltd, Akhilesh Vybhav- Managing Director, Zaktech Solutions Ltd, and Rinos Mautsa- Director- Tech24 Group will be in discussion with Rahul Zutshi, Director – Marketing & Strategy at Ameyo, Shobhit Gupta, AVP – International Sales at Ameyo, Saumya Tripathi, Regional Manager – East Africa, at Ameyo, and Vishal Miglani, Regional Manager – International Sales – Africa, at Ameyo.

Our speakers will be discussing about the evolving challenges with current call center setups. They will also be talking about Ameyo’s advanced capabilities in handling the changing industry standards to help organizations choose the best technology and solutions.

Right from the drastic deviations in technology trends in Zambia nd Zimbabwe to how Ameyo can assist buisnesses from different verticals to understand and apprehend customer service challenges, the discussion will be wider in all aspects.  The speakers will be covering all touchpoints that can deliver a smooth and consistent customer journey via omnichannel support.



Sapna Nagi

Sapna Nagi believes that the voice of the customer is the heart of a business's marketing strategy. She is keen to communicate with customers to know and understand their concerns and expectations from a specific product. Her field of interest lies in Brand Management and Product Marketing.