Proven Benefits Of Contact Center Solution In Healthcare Industry


There’s no denying that the patients seek utmost support from hospitals and diagnostic labs at times of emergency. So, does it tell us that only emergency cases should be taken care of? Healthcare industry, while considering patients’ experience, roll out multiple changes like telemedicine promising a new dawn of trust to the patients.

Are you wondering what customer experience has to do with the healthcare sector? Often forgotten, patients’ journey does not end with the medical billing, their satisfaction and understanding of medical care is the ultimate goal for healthcare service providers.

According to a Deloitte Report, global healthcare spending is expected to rise 5.4 percent annually to just over $10 trillion.

And, that explains why patient experience is a top priority for hospitals and diagnostic labs. How do you communicate with your patients? Gone are the days when patients would wait in hospitals for their turn, now they seek robust and effective methods for instant care. Tailored virtual healthcare experience with a call center solution in place would help you to communicate with patients more effectively.

Challenges of the Healthcare Industry

  1. Booking Appointment: A busy call line always makes patients wait in the queue and sometimes because of poor call connectivity, they fail to connect with the agents thus resulting in high call abandonment rate.
  2. Insurance Claim: Patients find it really hard to get the insurance on their medication through the complex process of collecting the bills and identity authentication. Reimbursement seems a far dream for them when they are dealing with a severe medical condition.
  3. Emergency Calling: Due to the complex structure of hospitals, patients get stuck with the difficulty of reaching the right ambulance driver in their region. And, they fail to track ambulances in real-time, thus resulting in delayed service and the urgency of treatment accelerates.
  4. Report Collection: In a busy schedule, patients have no time to visit the hospitals/labs multiple times to collect the reports. Sometimes, a delayed diagnostic report leads to delay in treatment as they wait for the reports to arrive in stipulated time.

How Contact Center Solution Helps Healthcare Industry

Real-Time Tracking The Ambulance

In an emergency case, Rhea dials the emergency number and is redirected to a local driver in her region. That ensures her of reaching the hospital in no time, thus eliminating the risk of a serious medical problem.

She could do it because of smart location-based routing that helps in call identification and patching the call to the nearest ambulance driver in her region.

In-App Integration

Provide the feasibility of booking an appointment online within the app by integrating it with the management system. Patients will not be bound by time and they will not seek manual support when an appointment could be booked in a few clicks. Let them create a patient ID that would be accessible on all devices and they can choose their own convenient time for consultation.

Rhea feels shortness of breath because of the change in weather and she wishes to check it with the doctor if her Asthma has triggered again. She is a working woman and is only available post office hours. Now, that she has an option of checking the available slots online, she books an appointment at her convenient time with the doctor with ease.

Send Report Alerts

Make it easy for patients to collect the reports on their mobile phones. They are present on channels like Email, WhatsApp, and SMS, leverage your omnichannel presence and send the e-reports through multiple channels. This makes the process less complex and a lot faster. With instant reports, they could reach to their doctors and seek virtual support from them.

Rhea, after receiving her e-report on the same day, instantly gets connected with her doctor on chat and proceeds with her medication while interacting virtually.

Securely Maintain Patient Records

Breach in sensitive data risks the privacy of patients. With security compliance, all patient records could be saved from data theft. Integrating with CRM allows hospitals to access the data and check the patient’s history as and when required.

Engagement After Treatment

Patients’ journey does not end with the payment of bills and discharge from the hospital. Send timely alerts about health tips, check-up reminders via SMS, Email, WhatsApp etc., and build a strong patient-doctor relationship.

Rhea is reminded of the change in the weather and precautions she should take to prevent herself from Asthma attacks. She develops a healthy lifestyle and avoids dust exposure as suggested by her doctor.

Bring a different world for patients and make it easy for them to reach out to the hospitals with robust contact center software. With extensive benefits for patients, healthcare service providers can connect better with them undoubtedly. Make a patient-centric platform by optimizing call center technology.