How To Boost Your Call Center ROI With An Auto Dialer?


How many numbers do you dial each day? And, how many of them get connected. For every 100 calls dialed manually, only 15 would reach the right person. For a business that runs on customer interactions, these numbers could be really depressing.

When Each minute, each second, counts, an auto call dialer works beyond being a time-saving software. The end goal for the businesses is to generate revenue and you will be surprised to know that your agent’s productivity increases from 120% to 300% if you have the dialer software for outbound call center.

Auto dialer would not only make agents’ life easy but will also change the way you do business. It predicts, analyzes, and innovates based on changing requirements to deliver a large call volume consistently. This software analyzes the availability of agents and routes the call to them based on the preset algorithm.

A dialer software should not only give you better connect rates, but you should also be able to derive the reports that give you real-time insight into your business. How would your agents respond to a system where they have zero flexibility and no control over call handling operations? These comprehensive reports will help the supervisors to analyze agents’ performance and of course, you need numbers to drive motivation in your team.

So, how to boost a Call Center’s ROI with an Auto Dialer?

Increased Call Connect Rate

Calls are initiated automatically with a powerful dialer and agents’ wait time is reduced. With smart capabilities like Answering Machine Detection, the dialer detects if the number is busy, is disconnected, or answered by a machine and therefore, the agent does not have to wait for a person to respond, the dialer automatically would dial the next number.

Agents’ talk time increases from 15-20 minutes per hour to 45-50 minutes resulting in better customer engagement.

Improved Conversion Rate

Agents are always hanging in the air when a call lands on their number and would frustrate any customer when they have to repeat their stories multiple times. With a preview dialer in place, complex sales process could be managed effectively. Agents are given a quick preview of customer history for an existing customer and that prepares them for the customers’ query instantly.

And, personalization is a big thing that customers appreciate. With prior information about customer details, agents can personalize the conversation, thus resolving their queries quickly.

Clear Call Dispositions

How terribly high is your average handling time? Do your agents take time to wrap up the call and dispose it with a long message? A predictive dialer uses predefined call dispositions that would save time and standardize the calling process. Agents can update the outcome of the call instantly when they wrap the call with ‘Call Back’, ‘Issue Resolved’, ‘Busy’, etc.

This becomes easy to know the call status and they can derive the exact outcome of the call from the list of call logs.

Get Callback Notifications

Agents have no time to remember about the callback schedule. With an auto call dialer software, agents can schedule a callback and forget about it because the dialer pushes notifications to the agents for whom the callback is scheduled, thus preparing him prior to the call is initiated. This allows agents to optimize their time when there’s a never-ending database of calls.

The dialer software also pushes notifications for the lead lists to be uploaded. This ensures that agents are not sitting idle, once all the calls are initiated, it will request for a new lead list and churns the existing ones that were disposed of with a ‘busy’, ‘disconnected’, or ‘answering machine’ note.

Define Pacing Algorithm

Predictive Dialers maximizes agents productivity because they use algorithms to define the dialing pace based on past interaction history and customer’s profile. Dialer adjusts the pacing ratio based on various factors like the number of agents available in the queue to take calls, the number of calls connected per hour, average handling and wrap up time for each call, etc.

Predefining maximum calls per agent to reduce the call drop ratio helps the supervisor keep a check on agents activities which certainly ensures to boost agents’ productivity as they are not bottlenecked with a huge call list.

Filter-Based Calling

It just gets better with auto call dialer because admins can control the filters to reach the maximum customers with the right strategy. Calling based on specific rules like geography, target group, etc.

In a bank, admins can decide to call the customers who’re above 40 and have LIC installments pending to remind them at earliest and create a filtered list to ensure that agents speak to those customers first.

Know When To Call

Know When To Call: You do not want to disturb your customers at the wrong time. Not Call Before feature enables agents to call customers at their preferred time. PACE dialer had this smart capability that determines customer’s availability on the basis of previous interaction history, thus initiating a call to a specific customer at their chosen time.

A school teacher would not want to be disturbed at early hours of the day but she/he will be available post evening. With the previous interaction data, dialer recognizes their available hours to initiate the call at the right time.

If you are defining your budget against your call center’s performance, do not miss these auto call dialer features while determining your ROI because smart and quick features will boost your agents’ productivity and once you have your agents up and running with a call center software, you can expect some significant changes in your ROI resulting into numbers that you have always been trying to achieve.

Wondering, how to select the right dialer software for your call center? Check this quick checklist for selecting the right dialer.