How to Build Great In-Product Experiences?


Do you know what your customers truly love? Yes, the answer is Great In-Product Experience! It’s not the new world of customer experience we’re entering into and it is imperative for you to understand PX inside and out to create an experience that will get you customers’ loyalty for life.
What makes customers stay invested in your business depends on how you are solving their problems. If you are not adding any value to their product experience and remind them that you are their choicest brand, you are going to lose the business. And there aren’t any alerts greater than losing your customers to your competition.

What do you need to deliver great in-product experience (PX)?

Let your PX be Data-Driven

How do you analyze the user behavior of your customers? Are you still busy analyzing user behavior with anecdotal observations? It’s time that you make use of data to understand what makes your customers stay.
With analytics, you can track each activity of your customers and monitor the data to understand customer behavior. Feature adoption lets you understand the success of your products and allows you to identify gaps in your services.
You can use these opportunities to upsell based on feature adoption and temper the demand for your product effectively.
When a customer, Ron, checks out a certain style of sweatshirts, he is willing to define his choice through his user behavior. You can channelize this behavior in guiding him find similar products when he reaches your platform the next time. Yes, analytics is that powerful.

Make Customer Feedback Count

Did you check how your customers feel about your product? If you have not, let me tell you how important customer feedback is. Users may spend some time to visit your website and explore some features but they do not convert. Why? What is the driving factor?
There could be multiple answers to it and the easiest way out for any business is to conduct a survey and collect user/customer feedback. Once you’ve collected the feedback, it’s time you take action to resolve their queries and simplify their user journey.
When your customer chooses to tell you that they are not able to find the right pair of shoes, you need to understand that the navigation journey could be complicated for them. Make the feedback count and tell your customers that you value them.
Sales reps, on the other hand, could gather customers’ feedback and understand the challenges that they face. These insights work wonder when you plan your next strategy upholding this feedback.

Prioritize and Personalize

When you collected the customer’s feedback, you have raised the customers’ expectations up a level. And now you cannot leave them hanging in the loop with the same old features and strategies.
Now, your customers are expecting to be delivered with improved services and you can make their PX amazing if you prioritize their requests and send a personalized alert via email or a call that their requests have been acted upon.
“Hi Ron, based on your feedback, we’ve created a list of items that you might be interested in. Your dream shoes are just a click away,” can make Ron’s day and most likely he will convert into a customer.

Engage with Customers Often

What makes your users stay? No, the users/customers won’t stick around for long if they are not engaged in your product.
For new users, there should be an onboarding process that walks them through your product capabilities. And a regular notification ensures that the users are updated with the new feature addition.
You can create user manuals and guides to get them onboarded with new products that you are launching. Yes, businesses do reach a time where they start losing their users but you can engage with the lapsed users with exciting offers to tell them that you’ve got the product they need.
Bringing back inactive users via email helps you get your customers back and drive effective engagement with them.


In a Nutshell

To simplify your customers’ in-product journeys, first, understand what your customers are looking for. You could have a great product but if it’s not user-friendly, it won’t drive any engagement for you.