Call Center Gamification – No More a Fad but an Elemental Prerequisite



Gamification is not a fancy word anymore. It has come a long way from being an ‘over-hyped and hypothetical strategy’ to actually come alive. It is now being used in major aspects of all industries. ‘Call center Gamification’ is no exception to the trend, with higher agent engagements.

Definition of Gamification – In simple words, gamification can be understood as ‘use of game mechanics for non-game applications.’ It is catching up fast in contact centers to boost productivity and agent engagements. Importance of Gamification cannot be undermined, especially in the present scenario, where technology evolves every second.

Call center Gamification can change the face of customer experience management strategies throughout the contact center industry, with highly skilled and competitive agents on-the-task. If gamification is implemented effectively, it has the power to swiftly fuel your customer statistics.

A recent study concluded that a simple 5 percent increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25-125 percent. This can happen when the front-line agents are highly competent, motivated and positively engaged to deliver your brand’s message. And with Gamification tools, techniques and strategies, you have the power to transpose your call center into customer-centric operation.

Here’s how Call Center Gamification is transforming the contact center industry.

1. Commitment, Collaboration & Competition

Gamification is a smart way to start driving the three core values any contact center agent needs to have – Commitment to serve customers, Collaboration with the team and departments, and finally Competition, to exceed their own highest set standards. It does this with ease because it carefully considers these three dimensions, before anything in a purely customer based industry.

2. Increasing the Growing Number of Remote/Virtual Agents

It can be exhausting to look for great agents throughout the year. To recruit full-time employees to serve as buffer statistics. The cost can be overwhelming for any business. This has prompted many organisations to hire remote or virtual agents. And, this has been possible with digital motivation, which is supported with introduction of Gamification in an industry’s layout. Surprisingly, it has led to up to 20 percent increase in agent engagement rates throughout.

3. Increasing Brand Awareness and Sales Conversion

Gamification fosters better and enhanced customer participation. With it, customer can connect with your brand on a rather personal level. This can create a huge opportunity to tap on the vast pool of potential buyers. Leveraging your brand name can not only guarantee returning customers but increase the overall ROI of your business. The ultimate goal Gamification fulfils is to increase brand visibility through a behaviour based engagement-approach.

4. Increasing Agent Engagement & Productivity

Gamification is an instrumental tool which is increasing agent engagement and their overall productivity. It is being widely accepted as a key metric for performance evaluation of agents, hence incentivising their engagements with customers. With broad array of products and services, an agent can self-evaluate his rankings, check progress in terms of accomplishing the quarterly or annual sales target, see his next set of targets as well. This helps them in being proactive and taking initiative towards better serving the customer.

5. Reducing Talent Acquisition Costs

Any organisation aims to function in a manner wherein they earn maximum return on minimum investment. Having reduced operational talent acquisition costs can be a huge relief in such a scenario. Gamification is being leveraged by major companies for recruiting skilled professionals. Their knowledge can be easily tested using set of questionnaires, other software tools and setup, to minimise the spending on training an agent. This can also be reflected while onboarding of newly hired agents, their training technicalities and other decision-making processes.

Change is inevitable. Gamification is transforming the call center industry for the greater good. If you want to add any more insights or have feedback for us, let us know in the comments section.