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Top 7 Critical Benefits of a Predictive Dialer in Call Center


In an outbound call center where multiple campaigns like cold calling fo lead nurturing, market research, upselling and cross-selling are to be managed, mere manual dialing won’t suffice. The major time spent by agents is invested in manual dialing and call disposition resulting in low talk time and decreased efficiency. With a call center dialer, you can boost your call center’s productivity by 300% by reducing the idle time between the calls and increasing talk time per hour. Amongst the various types of dialers, Predictive Dialer works the best if your business depends upon large call volume on a daily basis.

A Call Center predictive dialer dials a list of phone numbers. When a call is answered, it will connect the call directly to the person who made the call. If there’s a busy tone, call disconnected, or answered by a machine, the dialer will not route the call to the agent. The advantage is that it saves the idle time between the calls, thus increasing agents’ productivity.

A predictive dialer may be a standalone device, or it can be integrated into a call center software. Let’s dive in to discover the benefits of Predictive Dialer Solution:

Increased Agent Talk Time

With a predictive dialer software, the call connects ratio increases and agents spend more time in having qualified conversations than spending most of the time in manual dialing. Agents talk time increases from 15-20 minutes per hour to 40-50 minutes per hour, ensuring that the agents do not have to wait for a human being to answer the call. This works best when you have a large number of calls to be made.

Increased Sales

An intelligent calling system, smart and efficient agents, and receptive customers all will lead to an increase in sales. Revenues can increase with efficient call utilization rates and low call abandonment rates. Management can not only increase the number of calls with the help of a predictive dialer software but also increase the quality of the call (customer interaction).

Calls are not Wasted

For a call center, a wasted call means wasted time. Unanswered calls, automated answering machines, disconnected calls, and busy signals will not benefit the business in any way. A predictive dialer will make sure that an agent is on the phone at the right time. It will pass the call to an agent only after a customer answers it. It is programmed in such a way that it will be able to find an agent as soon as a customer answers the call.

Easier Lead Management

Predictive dialers can be incorporated into Lead Management Software. Lead management is a business process that combines tools with techniques for increasing sales. Predictive dialer algorithm can filter out ‘do not call’ numbers and other unqualified numbers from the dialing list. It can also organize lead data, customer history, sales information, and call back information, which can then be passed on to the agents. This information/data can also be used to determine high percentage leads and prime call times.

Follow-up Management

If a customer requests that they do not be called again, then the agent has the option to mark it as a ‘do-not-call’ number, and it will be updated in the predictive dialer solution. This will immediately prevent any future calls to that customer. Likewise, if a customer requests a callback, the agent can update the same along with the preferred call back time. The predictive dialer will display the customer information at the time the call has to be placed.

Context-Driven Interactions

Once the call is connected with the customer, the agents can get a quick preview of the customer’s information like their past purchase behavior, pending orders or installments, etc. with the help of in-house or third-party CRM integration. This helps the agents to have a qualified conversation with the customers.

For instance, if a customer has opted for a Home Loan, the agents can also analyze the customer’s requirements and pitch them about other loan policies like Car Loan according to their purchase behavior.

Real-time Monitoring

Predictive dialer solution provides real-time insights into call center operations and agent activities through customizable reports. With real-time analysis, managers can make well-informed decisions to maximize the campaign’s productivity. For instance, managers can shift agents between queues as per the call flow.

Managers can get quick access to call recordings to ensure that the call quality standards are adhered to and the agents’ performance is tracked. Managers can also jump in on a live call to provide on-call assistance to the agents which helps in increasing first contact resolution.


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