Customer Experience as a Business Strategy


For enterprises, business does not end with creating products and being content at selling them. A great business strategy needs vision. An added bonus is excellent insight of customers and the markets which help a business succeed. Business requires more work than just randomly making sales pitches to customers.It is about finding the right customers and creating products and services for them. But where are these exclusive customers?

Business strategies and marketing techniques
Physical retail stores dress up their windows with wares that attract customers and allow retailers to interact directly with the customer and gain their feedback. So far, this has been an effective strategy but it is restricted to a physical area and depends heavily on foot traffic. E-commerce sites however, have no such restrictions and global shipping has brought markets in foreign countries closer than ever. So, retail businesses should learn from them.
The first and foremost objective of every business strategy in e-commerce is Customer Experience Management (CEM). Any enterprise that can manage to create differentiators in service delivery is able to decipher the code of Happy Customers. Today businesses which are aware of the best practices of CEM and are widely implementing automation systems to optimize their service delivery methodology will be considered smart.
Some of the best practices of CEM are as below:

  • Minimization of routine enquiries by proactive outreach: Everyday customer queries like order status, confirmations etc., can be minimized by an effective outreach system that proactively connects to the customers via multiple communications channels including phone, SMS and e-mail.
  • Not missing even a single customer call: Any e-commerce business just cannot afford to miss calls. The missed call could mean a lost business opportunity, or further annoying a dissatisfied customer which could be disastrous for any B2C business.
  • Giving special attention to repeat calls: It is very important that an e-commerce business is keeping a close watch on the kind of customer calls they receive. If there are repeat calls from a customer, connecting him/her to the right agent can make all the difference to the experience he/she takes back home.
  • Measuring experience across platforms: Businesses should be able to monitor and analyze the service delivery across the entire business applications infrastructure. Each technology component facilitating business processes plays a crucial role in customer experience delivery and needs to be measured effectively.

With an excellent customer experience management strategy enterprises can add the power of proactive customer service to their day-to-day business operations. A robust call center software allow this value-add to enterprises. The experience going forward is a good one and spreads through word-of-mouth bringing you repeat and new business from the same customer base.