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Customer Satisfaction: How Charlie Chaplin Did It


Chaplin’s attention to detail and skill of entertaining his audience should be adapted by enterprises.

When I think of a person, book, movie, place, or animal that truly captured my attention, one name pops to my mind: Charlie Chaplin. I grew up on his movies and videos as my parents were big fans, and so was almost everyone I knew as a child. Mr. Chaplin still manages to make the world laugh. The power of his films is anything but legendary! How did someone like Chaplin manage to enthrall the world?

Two things: product and service.

Charlie Chaplin created some of the greatest movies of all time. He was a perfectionist who honed and innovated his craft till he was completely satisfied. The actor and director let his films speak for themselves by using great characters, unforgettable scenes, and incredible comic timing. It is hard to believe that most of his movies were made without sound.

Your Product Should Speak for Itself


Chaplin dedicated all his time and effort to make sure that his movies were perfect till the last speck of dust. For a product company, this is the perfect advice and the ultimate goal. Innovators, inventors, and creators have to always ask themselves, is it the best product in the market? Even if a product has been completed, keep asking, how can the product be made better?

Innovation and constant improvement ensures that your product is being developed even as it lives in the market. If Chaplin had been satisfied with the first take of each movie, the movies would not have been great works of art. Likewise, your customer should not think less of your product. The way to build customer loyalty is by delivering a consistently high-performing product. It helps your brand retention in the market and increases the customer trust in your company. Chaplin took long periods of time to complete his films and sometimes the gaps between his films were more than four years. His audience overlooked that fact though. They knew that those four years were spent making a masterpiece and they appreciated Chaplin for the same. If you deliver a high level of customer satisfaction through your product, your customers will only appreciate you.

Service Is the Way to a Customers Heart


Your product is fantastic and is selling like hot cakes in the market. The customers want more and more. The only way to further this satisfaction is complimenting the high value of the product by providing great customer service. Companies have to invest in customer service. Setting up dedicated customer service representatives through contact centers is one of the most basic ways. These agents interact with customers more closely than product developers so they actually know what the customer wants. It’s only natural that the agents should know the product thoroughly.

Many great companies have faltered at providing the apt service to their customers and realized their folly late. If a customer likes your product but receives bad service from the company, chances are, they will take out the sentiment of the bad service on the product. Worst case scenario, they go over to the competitor or even a lesser quality product just to get better service than yours. Learn from Chaplin in this regard. His fans were loyal to him and stuck with his films because of the sheer joy they derived from them. Chaplin’s films were worth the money which the audience spent, and this has greater significance considering that America was recovering from the economic depression as well as being on the verge of war. In grim times like these, Chaplin managed to make them laugh. That is great service to your loyal customers.

Engage, Serve, Sell!
One way to ensure great service is by deploying a robust contact center solution at your contact center to ensure that your customer service representatives can easily serve customers. The objective is to make each interaction a success even if it does not lead to an immediate sale. Great service consistently will be remembered by customers and they will eventually lead to sales in both the short-term and long-term depending on how successful the agents are at engaging customers. So engage, serve, and sell. Here’s to a new motto for great customer service!


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