Level Up Your CX Game With WhatsApp Business API


The world is interacting on different messaging applications and WhatsApp has become the game-changer while becoming the choicest messaging app for 2 billion people across 180 countries. To simplify the customer’s journey, Ameyo announces its integration with WhatsApp Business API, a connector that will allow all the businesses to connect with their customers on the choicest channel of today’s generation.

How does WhatsApp Business API work?

While WhatsApp has become an instant connector between businesses and their customers, there’s a lot more to it that you should not miss.

With Ameyo’s WhatsApp Business API Integration, it allows customers to opt-in to receive notifications from different businesses and be updated with various kinds of information like order status, flight status, purchase receipts, booking confirmation, and more. Once the WhatsApp API integration is enabled, each customer request automatically creates a ticket in Ameyo’s platform. These tickets are routed to best-suited agents, allowing them to respond to these tickets directly through WhatsApp from within the unified agent desktop.

What’s in it for you?

The open rate for WhatsApp is more than 70% and that says it all. WhatsApp Business Platform integration has opened up opportunities for businesses to deliver the kind of customer service that the customers are looking for by reaching 2 billion users via a simple WhatsApp Messaging Application.

In addition to the recently launched Channel Addition Framework, Ameyo will now provide businesses to deliver WhatsApp Based Customer Service and get a 360-degree customer view without having to manage the channel separately.

Ameyo for WhatsApp has twofold benefits for businesses:

Deliver on Customer’s Expectations

Yes, today’s customers expect to connect with you as seamlessly as they do with their friends. Because of the presence of multiple messaging apps, it has become imperative for businesses to be present on the channels that their customers are using.

With the wave of Ameyo for WhatsApp added to the already existing channels like Facebook, Twitter Line, VIBER, and more, Customer Service on WhatsApp will become as easy as adding pizza toppings. The world is getting interconnected on various channels and to gain customer loyalty, being present on all the channels is important to ensure customer satisfaction.

Make Agents Life Easy

Since it’s an addition of a new channel, you need an integrated platform to be able to access all customer interactions coming from different channels like Call, Email, and Chat. Ameyo’s Ticketing Solution will allow the automatic ticket creation for each interaction via WhatsApp which will be reflected in the agent’s unified desktop.

Now that agents do not have to manually create tickets and manage a separate channel, it becomes easy for them to stay connected with their customers on the channels that the customers prefer.

“Ameyo helped us get on board with WhatsApp Business API and guided us in getting our Official Business Account. WhatsApp API has really helped us engage more effectively with our registered users. Our open rates and read rates shot through the roof and have reached greater than 10x in some instances”
Sri Harsha Thota
Growth Head, DocsApp

How to use WhatsApp for Business?

  • Send Alerts and Notifications: You can create personalized templates for different use cases that are specific to your business and automate the notifications and alerts to ensure that your customers have the latest updates on your product. You can resolve 80% of your queries with automated templates such as the likes of sending booking confirmations, ticket status, delivery alerts, and more.
  • Make Each Interaction Count: With each query that comes through WhatsApp, you can easily route each interaction to the agents using an omnichannel routing engine. Agents will be able to see and resolve customers’ queries from within the agents’ desktops. Your customers can use multiple channels for a single query, this will allow agents to gather the context from past interactions of the customer.
  • Analyze Channel-Specific Performance: Data has become a prime concern for any business. With a channel-specific report, you can understand the effectiveness of each template and understand the reason for failures, if any. While agents are working on resolving queries on WhatsApp, supervisors can draw a pattern from repeated queries, outbound notification trends, open rate, response rate, and more.
  • Get Customer Feedback: Now that around 2 billion people are using WhatsApp for their daily communication, you are just a thought away from collecting the customer’s feedback. You can send them links to surveys or feedback forms and because the statistics are convincing, it increases the chances of getting a clearer picture with more data for you to analyze and gather information on your in-product experience.