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Enriching Mobile Customer Experience in E-commerce



People today are always on the go. They perform all their tasks through Smart Phones, be it paying bills, checking emails, communicating with people or even buying or selling things. This is why today’s customers are not just plain customers, but E-commerce Customers. In order to cater to their needs all businesses need to provide not just e-commerce services but also mobile apps for customers to perform transactions through their mobile phones. By meeting the expectations of customers, you will be able to provide better customer experience and through the latest contact center technology, you can even handle customer interaction management in the best possible manner.

Why you need to provide good mobile experience to Ecommerce customers?

Many businesses today do not have a mobile website. However, this is something that is very crucial to survive in today’s market. A few statistics given below can help you understand why you need to provide mobile experience to the Ecommerce Customers of today:

  • Among the total google searches, around 20% are performed through mobile devices.
  • Even when it comes to local searches, half of them were done through mobiles in 2012.
  • 25% of the internet users in USA use their mobiles to access internet.
  • The brands that offer better mobile experiences are the ones that create better impressions on people. At least 61% of the Ecommerce population says so.
  • About 25.85% of the email accounts are operated through mobile phones. 10.16% of them are operated through tablets.
  • Good mobile experience provides a 67% chance that the customer will buy your product or use your service.
  • If the mobile experience provided by you does not meet the expectations of Ecommerce Customers, there is a 61% chance that your customers may get diverted to the websites of your competitors.
  • Good mobile experience plays a very important role in providing customer satisfaction. About 82% of American consumers said they stopped doing business with companies that were a failure in customer interaction management, though these companies did adopt the contact center technology.
  • Social media and blogging are elements that you need to include in your marketing strategy. When it comes to social media consumption, it has been proved that about 55% of this happens through mobile phones. The website links that you may share on social media sites or blogs need to point to mobile-friendly websites. If not, you may have to face frustrated customers who may just leave your website without making any transactions.

When it comes to providing mobile experience to your customers, you need to understand that responsive web design is the one that is preferred by Google when compared to mobile templates. This way you will just have one URL which will be easier to optimize for search engines like Google. The performance will be better and the maintenance, easier than mobile-template websites. The best thing about responsive design is that it is based on the screen size and not on the device. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what device you use to visit the website, responsive design will make it look good on everything.  This feature enables your customer to have a great mobile experience too.

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In today’s world of digital marketing and search engine optimization, having a mobile-friendly website is a must to provide good customer experience. However, it is up to you if you want to go with a separate mobile website or a responsive website. It is better to weigh the pros and cons of both these options, before deciding on any one of these.
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