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Entrepreneurship in Africa: Are You There Yet?

running businessman Be ahead of the race as entrepreneurship in Africa is booming and offers scope.

The vast continent of Africa has been the birthplace of civilization and has a very illustrious history as well. The resource-rich Africa has scarcely seen efficient management of its resources. The image of Africa has been of a starving nation ravaged by wars and populated by tribes. But we are no longer in the 19th century now.

With progress in technology and significant improvements in the political conditions, India, China, USA, and Britain among other countries have shown interest in building ties with many African nations. Africa is developing, and with it comes the opportunity of entrepreneurship. Â Data from the World Bank, recognizing Africa’s potential, proves that the return on capital is higher than many other regions. The continent is open for new services, for trade, for large infrastructure projects, and it is rich in raw materials.

What are the available opportunities?

Many industries have ample scope of development in the present conditions. With the spread of information technology, African countries have benefitted with the availability of new job opportunities in soft skills. Here are some of the industries which have great scope.

1. Contact Center Processes

Drishti’s contact center software has been deployed in more than 15 countries in Africa and this is only a fraction of the potential which we have tapped into. As businesses increase in number, they are focusing on providing great customer service. In the past few years, connectivity has increased and customers call contact centers for quick information, order and purchase of products, and other services. Contact centers have mushroomed in many African countries. Many firms are also outsourcing their operations to this region as African contact centers gain recognition world wide.

2. Telecom

In one of the blog posts last week, we spoke about the increasing scope of Mobile VAS as an important feature, and how it was transforming small businesses across Africa and Asia. This has been possible with the penetration of mobile networks throughout the continent. This sector therefore, is open to new players and fresh investment from domestic and international investors. Early entrants have reaped rich rewards and the scope for new services, innovative offerings, and a vast population of potential customers makes it an exciting sector.

3. Small Businesses

Many global reports have identified that women in Africa are becoming entrepreneurs of their own and starting their own businesses. Investments for the businesses are available through global charities, government schemes, and local initiatives. Such small-scale enterprises give people a lot of confidence and customers are ensured personalized service as most businesses are within one or two communities. Building quality in small enterprises is also easy and sustaining this quality will help businesses expand in the region.

The vast experience of Drishti in the African region will help businesses service customers better with a reliable contact center software solution. Drishti has partnered with many African businesses across various verticals and improved the call volumes, return on investment (RoI), and satisfaction levels on a whole.
Like the FIFA song, “This time for Africa!”

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