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Excellent Customer Service Helps E-commerce Websites Reduce Product Returns


E-commerce is the way of business today, as people do not have the time to go to the stores in order to shop. This fact has led to the rise of many E-commerce websites that provide great deals on their products and services. Customer service is also one thing that all these websites focus upon. This is why they have free shipping facilities, easy return and refund policies and also 24/7 customer care. All customer calls are answered through the contact center technology, where people are well-experienced in customer engagement. A satisfied customer experience is what most of these websites guarantee, through their quality services.

One of the five e-commerce challenges is while you may have many loyal customers, there may also be some e-commerce customers who happen to return most of the merchandise they buy from you. The return policy you made so easy for them can at times backfire at you. The situation is quite tricky to handle. If you change your return policies it will lead to loss of customers, which could decrease your revenue. At the same time, you cannot encourage such customers as this will only increase your nuisance and operational costs.

The tips given below can help you deal with such situations in a positive manner:

  • Always make sure the customer gives you a valid reason for returning the product. It is better to place a call to such customers and get their genuine feedback during customer relationship management. Through your call center software, you can make such customers understand that their feedback will help you in improving your service. If they are constantly returning the products that they buy, they may not have a valid reason for each and every return. Hence, there is a chance that gradually they may stop returning the merchandise.


  • Mention clearly in your return policy, a few situations in which customers can return the products that they have bought from you online. For instance your customers can return the product,
When the quality of the product is not as per the description given on the website
In case the product gets damaged during the transit
When the product that is delivered is different from the one that was ordered by the customer

Such conditions may make the ecommerce customers think twice before returning the merchandise that they have bought.

  • The product description that you give on your e-commerce website has to be detailed. You can include some images and videos too. Customers usually go through the descriptions carefully before buying a product online. If you do not give the complete description, they may not have enough information on hand. It could be possible that what they expect is not what they get, when they receive the product. Arming them with all the information that they may need is one way you can adopt which is very likely to decrease the chances of returns.


  • User reviews are a great way, both to boost your sales and to reduce the returns. Customers get a lot of information from such reviews including the best uses of the product, the pros and cons and also the type of persons who can use the product. They will be able to clearly understand if they product bought is right for them.

While providing excellent customer service, it is also important to set a control on the e-commerce customers who often return the products that they buy from you. This is very much required for smooth business operations especially in the online world.


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