Greatest Source of Customer Insights- Complaints


Conflicting thoughts are an inevitable part of corporate life. It is necessary to bring them to the surface, because they could be a significant contributor to the organizational effectiveness. Once the organization is aware about the conflicts at hand, they could strategize their next plan of action to curb these conflicts from blowing up. However, due to certain apprehensions, these thoughts are seldom brought to the management’s notice. Corporate should ensure that such apprehensions are removed and complainants are protected. Protection of the complainant is equally critical, because certain complaints could have an unexpected aftermath for the complainant. Corporate should ensure the anonymity of the complainant is well protected and never be disclosed under any circumstances; this will also motivate customers in registering their accusation.

Even the Government of India has acknowledged the necessity of it and has suggested guidelines in Whistle Blower’s Protection Act, 2011 which received President’s assent in May 2014. On the same lines, corporate shall also create a mechanism to address all complaints. Software providers should act fast in recognizing the need of corporate to come up with a prudent cost effective solution for addressing anonymous grievances. They should proactively analyze the business scenarios thoroughly and come up with a solution.

The complainants are often apprehensive about the repurcussions of registering a grievance. However, if their identity is kept secret and are allowed to register their grievance as anonymous, this apprehension could largely be addressed. An automated voice process could further strengthen the complainant’s confidence by reducing the human involvement.

When a complainant calls, s/he should be greeted by a welcome message and be redirected to menu. In the menu options, s/he chooses the relevant option. After selecting the relevant option, s/he will be asked to record the grievances through voicemail. The voicemail will be recorded and will be played for customer’s confirmation. Once the customer confirms the voicemail, a voicemail ID will be generated for customer’s reference. An email notification, confirming the complaint registration, will be sent to complain registering authority. The call will be closed by playing “Thank You” message.

Ameyo Distress Call Solution is such a technology that implements a dedicated automated process for managing anonymous grievances. Developed by the leading provider of Enterprise and Contact Center technology, Drishti-soft Solutions, received positive acclaims on the a solution.