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How Contact Center Technology is Fueling the New Age Automotive Industry



Communication plays an integral part in driving growth in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive automotive dealer market-place. Right from the auto-showroom to the service bay, a proper and efficient communication solution is the key to connect the sales and customer servicereps with customers effectively. 

It makes it possible for you to :

  • Get rid of missed calls that result in missed opportunities
  • Deliver the personalized service that drives customer loyalty
  • Keep your overhead low by using the built-in intelligence in your customer engagement solutions to route calls and handle routine requests

Customer engagement solutions integrated with a set of leading-edge communications capabilities is all you need to sell more cars and deliver the personalized service that builds customer loyalty.  It helps dealerships lower their cost, increase productivity and serve their customers in a better way. Lets learn how:

Single Number Reachability

It is not possible for your sales reps to be in the office throughout the day. However, with the help of efficient customer engagement solutions your dealership can easily manage not to miss even a single customer call. Even if the sales rep is not available in the office, the call can be routed from their desk phone to their mobile phone or home phone, without any need to give their personal numbers. It not just routes the call but also delivers capabilities such as hold, speed dial, transfer etc which may be required while managing a call. One number accessibility ensures that your dealership stay in touch with the customers 24*7 and creates a positive professional image.

Personal service via built-in CRM and CTI Pop-up

Customers don’t want to repeat their information everytime, instead they wish to be remembered. CTI Pop-up integrated with effective CRM solutions helps in retrieving information as soon as a customer calls in. CTI technology enables your service agents to know everything (i.e. their latest purchase transaction, service visit) that is required to greet the customers and offer them a personalized service.

Self-service Option

Today’s tech-savvy customers want to help themselves, without the need of any human intervention. Therefore, investing in self-service communications (via phone, web or through a mobile application) can lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenues and also reduces call handling pressure on the service reps. Customers can quickly check service status, get directions, gain knowledge about new offers/discounts and finance options etc.

Maintain High Standards of Customer Service

The dealerships can effortlessly manage your customer service and keep the standards high. With the availability of an advanced reporting tool, you can get reports of all calls in progress and compare with historical reports. You can also judge your dealership’s marketing campaigns and how well sales and service calls are being handled with the help of reports.

A sudden increase in the number of inbound calls can be effectively managed as the agents can instantly log into a group to help out. An avant-garde call recording facility allows you to easily keep a track of all the customer interactions, thereby improving the communication process as a whole.

Connect Multiple Dealerships

A dealership with showrooms at multiple locations can be unified as far as communication is concerned. A one dial plan for all the locations saves money by eliminating site-to-site calling charges. It is possible for you to share resources such as messaging, front-desk personnel like receptionists etc and make your operations simpler.  You can also conveniently manage all systems from a single Windows-based interface , thereby reducing travel costs.

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